Cortez--please Lord? Amen

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by CrazyCowboy, Sep 20, 2005.

  1. CrazyCowboy

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    BP has to get us a kicker 1st thing this A.M........I DO NOT feel comfortable one little bit with this guy trotting on the field........he seems to be praying more then I am .......

    Leave the praying for ME!
  2. dbair1967

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    I just dont understand why a more dependable kicker wasnt signed in the beginning of the offseason...we had plenty of cap room and Cundiff has never been "good"...he's been ok at best...if you know going in that you are going to play conservative, run oriented football then you know you are going to probably be involved in alot of close need a quality kicker in those types of games

    not only did Cortez blow the gimmee 41yd fg, but Parcells was so concerned about him that he didnt even give him a shot at the 52 or 53 yd fg before halftime

    at Texas Stadium kicks should be almost automatic, and they havent been for a long time here...the cheap crap at kicker needs to stop

  3. Dallas4ever

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    We knew this was coming when we bought him in. We certainly can't blame him entirely for last night but, Cortez was a loss waiting to happen.
  4. Eddie

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    The cheap kicker stuff needed to end 10 years ago. How many games have we lost because we wanted to nickel and dime the kicker???

    Don't hang this one totally on Cortez, but 41 yarders should be automatic in Texas Stadium.
  5. crucOG21

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    keep in mind he nearly cost dallas the game vs the chargers too
  6. zagnut

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    There is no better kicker sitting around. Good kickers have jobs. Anyone signed will suck just as much as Cortez.
  7. Nors

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    we will rue the day we cut Billy the Kid!
  8. CrazyCowboy

    CrazyCowboy Well-Known Member

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    There is a damn good high school kicker in Bourne (Sp?) Texas!
  9. CrazyCowboy

    CrazyCowboy Well-Known Member

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    Boerne's 'freak of nature'
    Lawrence is 'just a kicker,' but he might just be the area's best player

    Web Posted: 08/21/2005 12:00 AM CDT

    Jeff McDonald
    Express-News Staff Writer

    BOERNE — The teenager who may be the best high school football player in the San Antonio area has never scored a touchdown.

    2005 Express-News
    high school football preview
    David Flores: Football is a Lone Star celebration
    Express-News 2005 high school football preview
    Boerne kicker might just be area's best player

    Boerne kicker Hunter Lawrence at a glance

    He's never caught a pass or made a pancake block. He only makes a tackle if it is absolutely necessary.

    The best high school football player in the area could, ostensibly, be confused with the best high school football waterboy in the area — he is 5-foot-11, weighs 165 pounds and doesn't look capable of scaring a fly, much less opposing coaches.

    Meet Boerne's Hunter Lawrence, who very well may be the best high school football player in the area. Of course, he doesn't think of himself as such.

    "That's kind of weird to say," Lawrence said. "I'm just a kicker."

    Just a kicker?

    Lawrence boasts a howitzer leg and a laser beam's accuracy. He can hit field goals from as far out as 50 yards. From less than 50, it's almost a gimme.

    Almost all his kickoffs sail out of the end zone as if being nudged by the wind. Even when they aren't.

    He hit a state-record 20 field goals last year, with a longest of 48 yards. He scored 93 points. In the offseason, he became only the second high school place-kicker (non-punter) to earn a scholarship offer from Texas in Mack Brown's seven seasons as coach there.

    He is as reliable as an old hunting dog, as automatic as a sunrise — and possibly the only person in Boerne who thinks of himself as "just a kicker."

    "He's a freak of nature," said Pete Padilla, Boerne's special-teams coach.

    Added head coach Tommy Bludau: "Nothing's for sure in this world. But Hunter is as close as they come."

    Lawrence also alters game plans, both offensive and defensive. How many other players in San Antonio can say that?

    With Lawrence the Leg warming up, opposing coaches have to try everything to keep the Greyhounds outside the 40-yard line.

    "Otherwise, they're going to get a field-goal attempt out of it," said Harlandale coach Isaac Martinez, who watched Lawrence calmly bury kicks from 48 and 42 yards to help beat his team in the playoffs last year. "They're getting three points, where most teams are punting."

    By racking up touchbacks on kickoffs, Lawrence also puts pressure on opposing offenses. Because of him, Boerne almost always will win the all-important field-position battle.

    "You know you're always going to be starting from the 20-yard line, no matter how hard the wind is blowing," Alamo Heights coach Don Byrd said. "That's a huge weapon."

    Lawrence's path to place-kicking stardom began in familiar fashion — on the soccer fields of his hometown.

    He began playing the other football before he was old enough to enroll in kindergarten. In the sixth grade, he decided it was time to add another sport to his repertoire.

    He tried out for kicker on a youth football team and — surprise — found out he was good at it. Six years later, he had blossomed into one of the best kickers in state history.

    "At the end of (last) year, I started adding up all my points," Lawrence said. "It added up faster than I thought. Everybody was shocked."

    The shock didn't quite wear off over the summer, which Lawrence spent traveling to — and often dominating — kicking camps across the nation.

    He won the kickoff contest at one in California, knocking his kicks on average 7 to 8 yards deep in the end zone.

    At another camp in San Antonio, Lawrence outkicked the event's host.

    Former Dallas Cowboys kicker Chris Boniol, it seems, couldn't quite keep up with the wunderkind from Boerne.

    It all leads Padilla to one self-evident conclusion.

    "From the Mississippi to the Rocky Mountains," Padilla said, "he's probably the best kicker around."

    But could Lawrence be the best player — period — in the San Antonio area?

    There will always be arguments. There will always be debate. But Lawrence can make a pretty stiff case.

    Even if he is just a kicker.
  10. kingwhicker

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    Great post, as usual- I've thought for years that a great, clutch kicker is as important to a team as any offensive piece, and we've been working on the cheap there for years- use a draft pick on one or sign a big money free agent. Cortez has always been a turd- I can't believe we signed him- heck, most fat gutted fans with gout in their big toe are probably in the same league with him.
  11. Hiero

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    ya this guy was horrible for the 49ers, I cant believe BP went into the game with him as our kicker, huge mistake, and he paid for it. This guy can not be trusted to make a field goal reliably past 25 yards. BP should have had someone else by now, im sure there are 50 kickers we could bring in.
  12. kingwhicker

    kingwhicker BCRSA

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    heck, why not bring Chris Boniol back? Seriously? He's not that old. Rafael Septien maybe- just keep the young girls away from him? Eddie Murray, he that 70 year old kicker they were talking about on ESPN or was that Gary Anderson?
  13. roadie55

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    our kicker is not the reason we lost, We lost because when we had the ball, we played not to lose, We should have put the ball in the air more, I'm talking first half.
    Some people are getting on their D today. But when you give up only 14 points you should win. The first half play calling was getting me sick, Is this the same team that beat SD? I think it is, Let them air it out sometimes, Enough of the run please' JJ is gonna be a great one, but last night there was nothing there. The skin's do have a very good D, But you have to take a few chance's now and then.
  14. CrazyCowboy

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    I agree....the kicker did not cover Moss.....however, it is a valid problem that needs to be addressed immediately. Otherwise, we are all going to be sick after a game as a direct result of our kicker!

    BARRYRAY Well-Known Member

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    I profoundly apologize to all who said give Cortez the boot in previous weeks, while he wasn't the only reason we lost, in this era of parity we cannot afford misses, I don't care if we the next 14 , it shouldn't be with Cortez, he has always been a loser and we'll always be a loser, time to move on....
  16. cannonball44

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    Where is Cundiff???
  17. Smith22

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    Injury settlement. We can't sign him until week 9 or 10.......
  18. Aikmaniac

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    Both Gramatica's are out there.
  19. percyhoward

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    So is Todd France...

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