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Discussion in 'NFL Zone' started by joseephuss, Nov 25, 2013.

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    The Rams placed cornerback Cortland Finnegan on injured reserve over the weekend, ending his season and setting him up to go get surgery to repair an orbital fracture near his left eye.

    I think under the category of “Contracts They’d Love To Have Back,” I give you Cortland Finnegan, the 108th- and lowest-rated cornerback in the NFL after 11 weeks, according to The Rams paid him $50 million over five years in 2012, and place him on injured-reserve Saturday … after he’d allowed 76.5 percent of the passes to his men to be complete, and allowed opposing quarterbacks a 136.0 rating on passes thrown in his area. Finnegan’s due $26 million in his last three years, including a $3 million roster guarantee next year, so you can bet the Rams will try to make him take a financial haircut next spring.
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    wasn't it a choice between Finnegan and Carr? Looks like we came out ahead.
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    Oh this is priceless. Yes we made the right call but there were many in here who screamed to sign Finnegan.
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    Because this team needed attitude. That always made me chuckle.
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    Yes and many fools wanted Nmandi too. Carr is good.
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    Carr cost a little more because of Finnegan's contract signing, but Carr was by far the better pick up.
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    I don't like players who trash talk to the point where people want to beat you up.
    Most of the dirty players aren't just talking crap, they go far and beyond
    and diss your family and what not to piss you off
    bring personal issues into it then when you get mad, try to play it off *** "it's just a game"

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