Cory Simon mistake

Discussion in 'NFL Zone' started by Nors, Nov 11, 2005.

  1. Nors

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    Eagles miss him clogging up the middle

    Indy's gain

    Balance of power shift on that transaction.

    ABQCOWBOY Moderator Staff Member

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    I think it started before that.
  3. Manster68

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    Actually, Hollis Thomas is a heck of a DT and clogs the middle very well.

    However, they do need more than one.
  4. Pokes28

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    It did, but I still agree with the first post. Simon's departure really hurt the Eagles and really has helped the Colts.

    David Harrell - Pokes
  5. joseephuss

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    Add in losing Burgess to Oakland and McDougle to the unfortunate shooting incident. Talent and depth are not as strong this season for the Eagles D-line.
  6. DIAF

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    Mods, someone change Nors' title to "Captain Obvious"


    Dude ought to be on the NFL network with his predictions and analytical prowess!
  7. dallasfaniac

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    Wait a minute, are we saying that losing players has caused the problems on defense or has the scheme changed?
  8. Billy Bullocks

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    i've been saying htis for a while. Kearse and Kalu look half as effective this year as well. Simon was a huge presen ce in that middle. I'm not sure that's the only cuase of their problems this year, but it's a big one. As good as Donovan has been, as good as Westbrook was, the staple of that team always was that aggressive defense.
  9. Vertigo_17

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    I agree, Simon was underated and might have been the last straw. Johnson is a great DC, but he only has some much to work with.
  10. dwmyers

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    Did you see how fat he was in the Colt's first game? And if you check his stats with Indy you see 16 solo tackles, 7 assists, no sacks.

    I think he ate his way off the Eagles.

  11. JackMagist

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    I agree, the loss of Simon has hurt the Eagles badly. It was as big of a mistake as it would have been for us to have lost LaRoi' Glover. I'm just glad it was the Eagles making the mistake and not us.

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