Cory Webster

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by btcutter, Jan 28, 2005.

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    This kid was pretty good in 2003 but apparently an injury really ate into his confidence. From I've read on the recent reports at Senior bowl. His description scares me. It almost sounds like the HUGE BUST we drafted from Ten in round 2. The name escapes me for now.

    I rather get a sure thing then try to trade down and attempt to get a steal if CB is the direction we go in round 2.
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    I'd be elated with any of Rolle, Jackson, or Rogers, and maybe even Miller but after that I don't see any CBs in the draft that I'm even interested in.
    If we don't get one of those guys I hope we get a solid FA CB like Smoot or Lucas or Baxter
    and look at Merriman, Spears, DJ, and MW in the first and
    look at Hawthorn, Williamson, Mayes, Anthony Bryant, and Bullocks in the 2nd.
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    Bellicheck was asked how Randal Gay went undrafted and has stepped right in so fast and effectively as a rookie. Went on to say he was stuck behind 2 quality Corners, mentioned Webster. Also said LSU players well coached and play NFL style systems under Saban (he chuckled - Saban uses his system).
    Jarvis Green, Marquise Hill also stepped in nicely from LSU.

    I Think if Webster slides to two or 3 he's a great draft pick. 20 is too high and corner not most pressing and can be fixed with a trade or FA move!

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