Costa gets extension, per Eatman...***2yr 2.7mil Post #61***

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Tejano15, Mar 2, 2013.

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    Not even close. Still plenty of time to join the rueage.

  2. Fla Cowpoke

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    Limited athletically? Look at his workout numbers....he is not limited. You people will go to any length to criticize some guys you just don't like. Just be honest. You don't care how strong he is. You don't care how athletic he is. You don't care what the coaching staff thinks of him. You just think he can't play and want him gone. So you will make stuff up.
  3. Fla Cowpoke

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    This is one of the more hilarious threads on this site.

    His cap hit is less than a million dollars this year. If he got cut this year the hit would be half a million unless they guaranteed some of his salary. Sheesh, I like the guy and think he has promise but this deal doesn't give him long term security or even guarantee him a job.

    I fully expect Dallas to draft either a center or guard for competition...if Costa keeps his spot, then great because he will have earned it. If not, it means we have a decent player to replace him.

    Let's move on to something that really matters.
  4. CowboysYanksLakers

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    I went back and watched some tape and he looked pretty good in the 2012 games for the most part. I think he's improved from 2011.
  5. Idgit

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    People don't like undrafted players in their lineups for whatever reason. Throw in a 'short arms' comment or two, and a couple botched shotgun snaps, and there's no getting over it.

    The team likes him, though. That's pretty clear. And he's gotten better each season. This extension is a good thing, no matter how it's spun.
  6. TheSport78

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    True true. I guess Costa being ranked as the 30th ranked center by PFF in 2011 has nothing to do with it.

    Phil Costa hasn't earned or proven anything, but hey, continue to make excuses for the guy.

    I bet you thought Alan Ball was the future Darren Woodson! :laugh2:
  7. burmafrd

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    Flapoke is Costa's agent.

    And by the way I wonder where this idea was that Ngata injured his thigh
  8. StanleySpadowski

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    Give him time and he'll stop pleasuring himself with a Parcells cardboard cutout long enough to tell you that Jacob Rogers was all Jones.
  9. xwalker

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    I pulled up the All-22 for the game against the Ravens. Costa was not blocking Ngata on a majority of the plays.

    The Ravens play a base 3-4 and Ngata is not the NT.

    Costa was blocking these guys more often than Ngata:
    6-4 341 Terrence Cody
    6-5 345 Ma'ake Kemoeatu
  10. Chuck 54

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    I give Parcells no credit for anything positive in Dallas, though I know that isn't fair either.

    I still blame Parcells for being a stubborn-know-it-all when it came to the draft and RB. If he had done the logical thing as just about every fan and media type saw it and selected Steven Jackson when he miraculously fell to us in the draft at the bottom of round 1, not only would we have had a better running game all these years with a balanced attack, but imagine all those draft picks for Felix Jones, Marion Barbour, DeMarco Murray, along with the waisted time on Julius Jones...other starters could be on the team now for those 1st, 3rd, 4th round picks.

    Forget every other issue over the years...imagine if Parcells had pulled the string on Jackson and Jerry had pulled the string on Moss. Jackson and Moss alone, two no-brainers to everyone else, could have changed the fortunes of this franchise.

    Players make a bigger difference than coaches or owners in this league.
  11. burmafrd

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    Rogers was all on BP who ignored the scouts who were skeptical of him. Even great coaches have their weaknesses.

    BUT SOME keep quietly forgetting that Jerruh loved Henson and it was BP who managed to find a way to keep Romo...

    for all the so called wisdom of Red Ball BP took over a team with a lot less talent and in 3 years had a solid playoff contending team.

    Red Ball TOOK OVER a contending team and where is the improvement?
  12. burmafrd

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    winnie and a few others claim that Costa was beating up on Ngata. Thier way of trying to prove he is the Pro Bowler they think he is (like Theogt)
  13. Gaede

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    Good thing we extended him. He looked really good in the 2 snaps he played this year.

    He's been so reliable for us these last two years, I wouldn't know what we'd do without him
  14. JakeCamp12

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    My only issue with the signing of Costa is that he now has back issues as well as that nasty ankle injury he had last year. My hope is that they are looking at him solely as a backup and the plan is to draft a true center in the draft. If they are relying on Cook and Costa to play center, then it looks to be Groundhog day all over again.
  15. burmafrd

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    RB would not have made that much difference in the end. Not the way the NFL has gone.

    Moss would have hated it here once Aikman was gone. Caused all sorts of trouble.
  16. Jersey

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    Wow! thats a nice contract for a back-up talent. His agent did a great job.
    Now that we have an average reserve signed we can target a starter in the draft.
    Please tell me thats the plan. We can become an elite team any other way.
  17. TheSport78

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  18. erod

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    There's a bit of overreaction on this. Costa is DEFINITELY a good backup that can play three positions. He might be the bonified starter the coaches think he can be and he has shown flashes of.

    That's value, and he's still very young. The contract wasn't huge either.
  19. theogt

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    I'd say 98+% of people on this website don't even re-watch games focusing on individual performances. Without doing that, you really can't have an informed opinion. It's as simple as that.
  20. burmafrd

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    you have as much credibility claiming that Costa will be a probowler as Jerruh did saying Henson reminded him of Aikman

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