Count me as one of those still concerned...

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by sago1, Sep 18, 2006.

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    Don't get me wrong. I'm delighted Cowboys beat the Redskins and it wasn't as close as the score indicates. Overall, we pretty much dominated them, but then again we dominated them in first game last year and ended up losing so I was on pins and needles most of the game.

    However, Cowboys had too many penalties and dropped passes but certainly did more then enough to win this game. But the Redskins are not the Jags and it remains to be seen how we perform against the next real playoff team. After our bye week, we go to Tennessee 7 we should win that game unless we self destruct. Game against Eagles will be real interesting given TO presence and we better win it--Eagles do appear to be better then 05--cause we don't need a division loss against them. We should beat Houston (unless we self destruct) and then finally on Oct 23 we meet division rival and 05 playoff Giant team which has good pass rush/offense. Hopefully we win this game which gets us 3-0 inside our division. And last year certainly should have taught us (of we needed a reminder) how important winning those division games are.

    Anyway, to be a seen as a legit playoff team we should win next 4 games but we head to Carolina on Oct 29 game for first of 3 away games (Carolina/Washington/Arizona). Winning those earlier 4 games will lessen the pressure to win all 3 road games (we think we have good shot to do that unless we self destruct or simply aren't as good as we hope).

    Point is Parcells needs fix whatever is wrong with this team--particularly the penalties (also dropped passes). In my mind it still reminds to be seen how good our OL is. Again Skins aren't playoff caliber team and those are the teams we must be in order to join that circle. I think it still comes down to how successful our OL will be against legit playoff teams. In my book it will be real interesting to see an extensive review of OL performance broken down by each player as compared to Jag play. Also believe we still need more consistent QB pressure--even tho we did get 6 sacks against the Skins. There were still too many occasions when Brunnel had time to make the plays but didn't. QBs we face like McNabb & the Mannings can make those plays.
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    I'm worried about the penalties. I'll worry about the drops if it continues but not until then.
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    I still have worries. I don't think everything is running on all cylinders. I think we went from playing at about 59% of our potential to about 83%. Offense still left quite a bit on the field against the remnants of a good defense, and our defense beat up on the offensive equivalent of Corky from Life Goes On. Need to get something going as the season goes on. I expect a lot of practice in the next two weeks.
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    Of course.

    Some fans will never be happy enough to celebrate a win.

    They'd rather be negative.

    Of course, there are clinical labels for people with conditions tending towards negativity, but we don't need to get into that.

    It's just a bit sad to think there are people who can't take happiness in a win and would rather focus on the negatives even in a victory. I'm not suggesting that people need to be homers and think we were perfect and will win everything. That would be odd as well. A reasonable approach is usually, "Of course there are always areas for improvement, but this was a good victory against a division rival. Hopefully this will get us on the right track." Just like a reasonable reaction last week to the loss would have been "There are areas for improvement and Bledsoe had a bad game against a good opponent, but hopefully the team will right the ship next week and that was just one off game." Those would be reasonable reactions by people who observe areas for improvement while also reacting to the game.

    But people whose feeling of concern is greater than their feeling of happiness and contentment after we beat the Redskins are the reason why, every time we have a loss, we have hyperbolic trash on this board about how horrible we are. Some people are just negative.
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    Same here, we had some big plays called back once again because of penalties the guys have got to do a better job. On the drops I don't think that will continue to be a problem
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    Simple fact is that we played what is looking more and more like a God awful team. We should have stomped them to the tune of 35-3. We had about 100 yards in penalties. We had an excess of dropped passes. We allowed a kick return and good field position on another.

    It isn't that I'm a negative's that there are negatives present that I think should be noted.:cool:
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    If we start dropping passes against Tennessee and it's sunny and hasn't rain in two weeks I'll be concern but until then I'm not.

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