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Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Ben_n_austin, Sep 17, 2006.

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    I know most of you probably aren't very superstitious ... or maybe I'm wrong. We're all deranged in some way; superstitions may be part of our mental make up - the make up of us deranged and dedicated enough to be on this board during a game.

    I know that Drew Bledsoe didn't make his career in Dallas. He hasn't always been a Cowboy .. et cetera

    I can relate. But ......

    I need to ask you fans; of the Dallas Cowboys. Can you put your biases aside, for the sake of the team, and embrace Drew Bledsoe.

    Make a ritual out if it.

    We need a win here!

    I cut my finger and let Blood fall in a hole ... it's symbolic for Drew Bleds Hole .... and I've got on my Drew Bledsoe Jersey and I have about 256 candles burning in my living room; all blue and silver. I've got a Mark Brunnell voodoo doll and life sized doll of Dan Snyder is hanging from my ceiling by a noose.

    This is fun!

    I ask you to joy me!

    For the sake of our TEAM!

    C'mon guys.

    We need you here - collectively; as fans of this team.

    Bond together and embrace Drew Bledsoe as the starter of this team!

    We need this division win!

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    No problem, not this week or any other week when he's on the field.

    But when those three hours are up, all's fair in post-game debate. :p:
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    The voodoo doll worked!



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