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Discussion in 'Artwork Zone' started by DBoys, Sep 18, 2006.

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    I got my HD DVR today so I will be playing around with it. I am going to try a test run tonight with the HD Pitt vs Jax game to guage size quality etc. Do you want it posted?

    I have questions for you guys to see what you are looking for etc.

    Does the size of the download matter to you guys?
    Do you have any problem downloading a 1.5GB or bigger game?
    I would split the files up in 2 700+MB chunks. The quality would be really good at that size.

    Or would you prefer poorer quality and a smaller size?
    How about between play commentary do you want it kept or axed?
    I will remove commercials so that is a given.

    More feedback the better.

  2. theogt

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    No, I really don't. Thanks, though.

  3. Catch-22

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    I think going the way of Shortcuts on DirecTV is good.

    For the little plays just zip through them, but on the turnovers/scores/big plays leave the video in between to show the replays.

    Cutting out the blab that announcers say during the little plays should cut down a lot on the file size.

    I'm fine with downloading a big file, assuming that the file is actually hosted, not a torrent.
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    I download every NFL game I can find.

    I will take quality over size any day of the week. The file could be 3gb for all I care if I got good quality out of it.

    A lot of times I don't like the play commentary after the play and like the short truncated version. But they're always those couple of plays that I want to see the replay of. Idealy I would keep the replays and cut everything else, but thats just me.
  5. DBoys

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    Shortcuts is through Superfan right? Doing a bunch of editing would be time consuming so just editing the commercials might be the easiest way. I would not post through torrent it would be probably through dummy accounts in filefront.
  6. DBoys

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    I am the same way. As I said before I will prolly just remove commercials because I would end up cutting out a replay someone wanted to see :)

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