Cowboy News, Anywhere??

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by sago1, Feb 10, 2006.

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    Don't know about the rest of you, but this lack of info re our beloved Cowboys is pitiful. We'be been forced to settle for crumbs. Thank God at least we had Cowboy bias re HOF to rant about until Aikman & Wright made it. Combined with being forced put up with Steelers everywhere as result of their victory in one of worst SB games in recent memory.

    I'm barely hanging but only because I know there less then 2 weeks remaining before combine begins & 3 weeks until FA signings can start. Does anyone know if Parcells attended the combine & how much media coverage there was?
  2. junk

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    Just wait until the period between the draft and training camp.

    At least now we have draft and FA speculation to keep ourselves amused.
  3. WoodysGirl

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    I do the best that I can to find stuff, but it just isn't a whole lot out there, unless you want to read about Aikman's and Staubach's Nascar adventures or a youth camp that Dorsett is gonna be involved in. :)
  4. dmq

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    Happens every year. Won't pick up till just before the draft. Go out, take a walk and think of what our defense can do with another quality linebacker. Thats what I do.
  5. KingTuna

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    EXACTLY!! From May 1 until the last week of July it is DEAD...ROUGH 2 months!!

    Enjoy this "slow" period before it DIES!!!
  6. Jarv

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    Well, at least we can watch NFLE this off season with Henson on a mini season in the off season. Never watched it that much before, now I have a reason.
  7. kingwhicker

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    Well, I've kinda enjoyed the Stealer bashing- it's pretty much ruined their celebration and tarnished their title. I haven't seen any of those bandwagoners in their black and gold gear here in NC since the game- the day of and two weeks before that's all I saw-now crickets. All I hear on sports radio here is how they are illegitimate champions and how the league is fixed- quite amusing honestly.
  8. Bob Sacamano

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    patience my son, free agency begins March 3rd ;)
  9. bobtheflob

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    Yeah, it seems like just about ever post is a listing of offensive lineman, free safeties, and linebackers that people hope we get, 95% of which is just idle speculation.

    I can't wait until draft time comes around. At least I have the Mavs to keep me entertained for now.

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    The thing that will be interesting is that the Cowboys have a window, they have to figure out which positions require a veteran and which a rookie might be ok to put in, a free safety rookie--hard to pick up as a rookie, same as o-lineman, usually a couple of years, it would seem a linebacker might be a draftable position whereas the others might not, I personally will not be surprised if the Cowboys find a big back to compliment the others, one thing I thought the Steelers had nobody else did was total versatility rb wise, they put Parker in and bam he takes it to the house, Randal El is a fa too isn't he again is he the kind of instant o that might make us more of a threat...and another SB lesson, wide right will kill you, it got us and it sure didn't help Seattle either..
  11. DragonCowboy

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    if you're a Mavs fan like me, just watch the Mavs games...its pretty convenient that usually when one isn't on, the other is...

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