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Discussion in 'News Zone' started by Cbz40, Apr 30, 2006.

  1. silverbear

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    Decide for yourself what this is worth:

    Roy Philpott over on the Ranch Report says he has spoken with Hoyte's agent, and offers quotes from that agent saying his client has signed with the Boys...
  2. dbair1967

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    well since you put it that way

    I'm sure he signed with the Vikes

    Philpott= Edelstein

  3. silverbear

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    LOL... I knew somebody was gonna jump all over that one...
  4. jbsg02

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    star telegram reported that we signed CB Anwar Phillips
  5. mlubbering

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    I am a member of a Texas A&M recruiting board and the person who maintains the site has said that both Archie McDaniel-ILB and Ray Ray Jones-DB have agreed to UDFA contracts with the cowboys. I hold this person in high esteem and can verify that he is closey tied with the Texas A&M football staff. Take it for what it is worth.
  6. InmanRoshi

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    Yeah, Spears was a huge basketball recruit coming out of high school. Played at LSU for a few years.
  7. Rack Bauer

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    Pretty sure they're step brothers.
  8. Paniolo22

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    He's out of jail already? :laugh2:
  9. Verdict

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    A buddy told me today we signed Chaisson (OL) from Oklahoma. Can anyone confirm this, or was he mistaken?
  10. Ken

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    I agree.

    He is rated as the Top inside LB in Street and Smiths Mag, and was ranked 3rd in Sporthing News, for what it is worth.

    Al Groh must have gave his blessing, ala canty. This guy has no character issues and is a sideline to sideline player.

    He will make this team.
  11. Bob Sacamano

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    you are correct
  12. Hiero

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    I agree, I thought for sure 3rd or 4th, but all the better for us
  13. kiheikiwi

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    Is there any quotes from Parham that anyone has seen? Would be very interested to see what he has to say about going undrafted, and comming to the Cowboys. You would think he will be one of those chip on his sholder type guys.
    Would be a really good "feal good" story if he can make the roster !
  14. Alexander

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    All I could find:

    Hoping to join former teammate Chris Canty on the Dallas Cowboys' roster is linebacker Kai Parham, who led Virginia in tackles last season. Parham, a first-team all-ACC pick in 2005, passed up his final season of college eligibility to enter the draft, only to get passed over. He's agreed to a free agent deal with Dallas.
    "I guess it was . . . challenging," Parham said of watching the draft, "but I'm not worried. I'll just go out there and play ball."
  15. kiheikiwi

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    Thanks man, hope it all works out !
  16. vicjagger

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  17. SupermanXx

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    God only knows what I would do to be able to live where you live, man

    I'm a sucker for the beach.. I used to live in West Palm Beach, Florida

    I'd be happy nowhere other than on a beach baby

    that sunset on the water (on the west coast), clear turquoise water, sippin (or downing, actually) Corona's... with a hot wife (which I will have)

    yup, it's what I'm working towards
  18. kiheikiwi

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    Yeah, me and the Wife are pretty lucky. Live about 1/4 mile from the beach, just been running the dog down there tonight, with the sun setting on the water - its pretty cool! By the way, its Steinlager here!
  19. hendog

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    I hate you!:)
  20. InmanRoshi

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    Demetris Summers' world was unraveling fast. A year ago, the rising South Carolina star learned he tested positive for marijuana a second time. Later that day he was gone, dismissed by coach Steve Spurrier. The state's all-time prep rushing leader was stunned. He wasn't sure what he'd do, only that it would not be running for the Gamecocks. "At first it was kind of hard," Summers said Wednesday. "But I had three strong women to help me out, my mother, my grandma and my aunt who sat me down and talked to me to keep my head and 'Don't give up now.'" After Summers gathered himself, he got a call from his Lexington High coach, Jimmy Satterfield, recommending he train for a pro career with Emery Williams, who helped former South Carolina star Derek Watson work himself into NFL shape. Summers recently signed with Draft Day sports management, the group that got two-sport star Roscoe Crosby a contract with the NFL's Indianapolis Colts last year. A happier, stronger and chiseled 220-pound Summers will audition for at least 15 pro teams next week, according to his adviser Kevin Parker. The problems of the past, in Summers' mind, are just that - past.
    He's written to all NFL teams, admitting he twice tested positive for marijuana. He offered no excuses, telling them, "Getting involved in marijuana was the worst mistake of my life." Summers, 22, says his dismissal was the low point of his life. "But I really brought this on myself, just making bad decisions and not doing the right things," he said. "You can't really blame anybody else." Williams began working out Summers last June. In the nine months since, Summers has been a model student, fulfilling all requirements and coming up drug free on several tests. Summers and Williams saw what the Draft Day crew had done for Crosby, the ex-Union High star who signed to play receiver at Clemson and was drafted high by baseball's Kansas City Royals. Neither career worked out as planned. Injuries and personal issues kept Crosby's time with the Tigers to a minimum. He and the Royals eventually wound up in arbitration for part of Crosby's $1.75 million deal. After intense workouts last spring and summer, Crosby signed with the Indianapolis Colts. Parker says Crosby will head to the team's offseason workouts next month and is hopeful of a big season. Summers set the state's rushing mark of 9,076 - surpassing Watson's total - and was poised to light up the Southeastern Conference. He started eight games as a freshman, gaining 638 yards and scoring three touchdowns. In his sophomore season, Summers did not live up to his early promise. An ankle injury limited his effectiveness. He gained 487 yards and scored once. Summers says he did not train hard or dedicate himself to improving. It was more important, he said, to stay out late with the wrong crowd and sometimes smoke marijuana. Summers says he was allowed to slide on some things by South Carolina coaches that might have brought harsher discipline to a less important player. "Now that I look back at it, I see it wasn't really worth it," he said. "It ruined my life. Now that I've changed my life and am not doing it, I feel much better." He thought about continuing his college career elsewhere and talked with former Gamecocks assistant Skip Holtz, now at East Carolina, about transferring. He decided training for the pros was his best and healthiest option. Parker says when he first talked with Summers and Williams, it was only to offer encouragement, not with the potential of signing him as a client. "He was remorseful of what he did," Parker said. Summers, who's got a dread-lock look these days, feels quicker than ever. His added bulk, he says, gives him more confidence to crash into tacklers. He's asked for and received forgiveness from his former Gamecocks coach, Lou Holtz. Summers keeps in touch with several ex-teammates. He says he went to two South Carolina games last fall, a loss to Alabama and win over Vanderbilt. Summers was nervous walking in. But says fans who saw him only shouted encouragement. "I heard, 'Meat, we still love you," he said. "That made me feel real good." He hopes to hear his name called in April's NFL draft. But he will gladly go the free-agent route and prove himself. For fun, Summers goes to movies or dinner with his fiance, Latesha, or is home with their 4-year-old daughter, Ny'Asia. His world has gradually come together. He remembers watching South Carolina games, thinking "Man, I blew my chance," he says. "But now it seems like I'm going to get a second chance and I just have to make the best out of it."

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