Cowboys 09 Draft - With a thought for 2011

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by funkytown, Apr 18, 2011.

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    The Cowboys 2009 Draft is two years out, and already has been labled a monumental failure. Rightfully so as only 4 of the 12 picks are still on the active roster. (1) Kicker, (1) 3rd string QB, (1) 3rd string TE, (1) OLB that can barely get on the field. Alot of people say the Cowboys reached on every pick, and were only picking for special teams and back ups.

    But with hindsight we can look back at the pre draft rankings on the players the Boys' picked and see that maybe they didnt reach as much as most people think.... This can also give us an idea where the Boys may be looking heading into the 2011 draft.

    With a quick look at the 09 Draft I have outlined where the Boys picked these players, and where they were ranked pre draft...I have used the CBS Sports rankings from 2009. I used them because that seems to be popular site everyone is using this year to look at where players are ranked.

    RD 3 (69)- Jason Williams - (Pre draft 64 overall) Williams has since been released and did not see the field for the Boys. But they picked him around the area he was pre ranked. Was not a good fit for our 3-4 scheme. Scouting failure, but not a reach.

    RD 3 (75)- Robert Brewster - (Pre draft 154 overall) Some would say huge reach here, but Brewster was one of those late rising prospects. Goose Gosselin had him on his Top 100. Goose's top 100 is famous for being quite accurate in compared to how the draft shakes out. Brewster has been cut and placed on the practice squad. Was hurt before his rookies season even got started. Possibly set him back. Slight reach here.

    RD 4 (101)- Stephen McGee - (Pre draft 96 overall) 3rd string QB, who could develop into a backup. 1st pick of the 4th round is pretty high for a career backup. He was picked in the correct area he was ranked, just not sure if the upside is there.

    RD 4 (110)- Victor Butler- (Pre draft 263 overall) Huge reach according to the pre draft rankings. But actually Butler has been a productive player when given the chance to play. He's a decent 3-4 outside rusher, not starting material though.

    RD 4 (120)- Brandon Williams- (Pre draft 129 overall) Another pick that is dead on with the rankings. Williams has been injury prone, and hasnt seen playing time. Had pass rush ability at Texas Tech but that has not carried over to the NFL. Should be drafting starters in the 4th round. BUST

    RD 5 (143)- DeAngelo Smith - (Pre draft 105 overall) Ranked as a top of the 4th round guy, and the boys got him in the 5th. Cut his 1st year. BUST

    RD 5 (166)- Michael Hamlin - (Pre draft 109 overall) Another top of the 4th guy that was picked in the 5th round. Injury problems held him back also. HE didnt pan out but a decent value pick. Was worth the shot.

    RD 5 (172) - David Buehler- (Pre draft 134 overall) Super athletic, big legged kicker. Top rated kicker in the class, slotted somewhere in the 4th round. Showed the big leg his first year on kick offs, but showed no consistency this past season kicking field goals. Jury still in the air for his overall impact, but a good pick at the bottom of the 5th.

    RD 6 (197)- Stephen Hodge- (Pre draft 231 overall) Injuries killed his career, was a special teams monster at TCU. Probably could have been had as an UDFA.

    RD 6 (208)- John Phillips - (Pre draft 194 overall) Great pick up at the bottom of the 6th. Good blocker and pass catcher who produced rookie season. Tore up his knee during camp this year. Lets see how he comes back, but a great pick.

    RD 7 (227)- Mike Mickens- (Pre draft 70 overall) 70th overall rated player!! He slipped in the draft, and was over ranked. Boys took a chance on him. That didnt work.

    RD 7 (229)- Manuel Johnson- (Pre draft 349 overall) Practice squad player. Shown no real game breaking ability or special teams ability. Another guy that could have been had as an UDFA.

    So looking back at CBS Sports pre draft rankings its shows the boys landed 5 of the top 110 players rated. Thats without a 1st or 2nd round pick.. Thats actually pretty good.

    So what does this mean looking at 2011? Well as we look over the pre draft rankings.. Imagine the boys being able to pick up 5 top 100 players in this draft. This draft apppears to be much deeper than the 09 draft....
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    So, I'm going to be sick...

    Butler and Phillips are both depth guys I like. Everyone else is scrap.
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    Sorry for making everyone throw up looking back at that draft.. Just wanted people to be aware that the pre draft rankings really mean nothing.

    Fans, and even the so called experts (Kiper, McShay, Bunting, etc.) dont even know how teams view players.
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    See here is the problem in a nut shell. While Jerry was wheeling and dealing and drafting special teamers, the Pack wound up with Raji, Matthews, and a Lombardi two years later. BTW the 09 draft was considered weak.
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    I'm self-admittedly a poor talent evaluator. The only memorable hit I've had in the past couple of years is Hillis, and I didn't see him as a runner. I'll still blare my opinion, that won't stop.
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    Drafts usually dont go well when you dont have a pick in the 1st 2 rounds. Im not sure if there are actually numbers on this, but the percentage of 3rd round picks and later that actually work out to role players or above has to be pretty poor. Much worse than 1st and 2nd rounders I would imagine, obviously. This is why if we do trade down this year it needs to be for a 1st and 2nd, trading back 5 or so spots and only picking up a 3rd just isnt worth it in my eyes.
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    I liked Hillis too, but as a full back.. He looked good in the same backfield at Arkansas with McFadden and Felix Jones

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