Cowboys 2007 Mock Draft

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by TwoSteppinJJ, Jan 15, 2007.

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    1st Round: DE/OLB Jarvis Moss, Florida

    Why stop at Bobby Carpenter with our Linebackers? Get another one and complete the LB Core. Ware on one edge and Moss on the other its hard not to believe that we would have a MUCH improved pass rush for years to come. I love the sound of Ware - Carp - Moss... I think most of us here see Carp moving to the middle eventually. Moss is quite possibly the best 3-4 OLB in the draft...

    2nd Round: OG Ben Grubbs, Auburn

    An awesome run blocker that we need, and hes young obviously. I think it would be much wiser to draft a OG than signing one through free agency. Grubbs has fantastic potential.

    3rd Round: WR Paul Williams, Fresno St.

    Has everything you look for in a Wide Receiver. He would replace Owens and Glenn a few years down the road from now which would be great. He could also step in and have a solid impact in his rookie year, complimenting Crayton, Owens, And Glenn...

    4th Round: QB Kevin Kolb, Houston

    I think its important to have a good backup QB plus I feel there are still some question marks surrounding Romo. Kolb could eventually become a fantastic starting QB in the NFL.

    5th Round: FS Dashon Goldson, Washington

    Huge sleeper pick here. This kid is loaded with skill though. Can play both Free Safety and Cornerback. Not the fastest player but he plays smart and excels in man coverage. Must become a better wrap up tackler though. Low Risk/High Reward pick...

    6th Round: RB Clifton Dawson, Harvard

    Dawson has a great mix of power and speed. Not alot a people have heard of him but hes a hidden gem. May get drafted much earlier, 5th or possibly 4th round...

    7th Round: NT Antonio Johnson, Mississippi St.

    Typical 3-4 Nose tackle that can plug holes, also can overpower O lineman. However hes a little inconsistant, Much better prospect than Montavious Stanley was when he came out.
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    Not bad, no complaints really.

    Moss might be out of reach by the time the draft rolls around. I agree though, that lineup sounds exciting. thinkwe almost have to address the pass rush, OL or WR in round 1.

    Grubbs would be a great snatch in round 2. If we go Guard, Beekman might also work his way up around our pick. He would be another good option.

    Williams would be great in round 3 but I think the talent at WR really drops off after round 2 right now. I think we can get the same value by picking someone like Rhema McKnight or Courtney Taylor in Round 4 and using that 3rd rounder on maybe a CB like Tanard Jackson if we really are considering moving Henry to FS. Jackson is likely to work his way up to round 2 by draft time though.

    This is really the only pick I did not like. Normally I don't have an issue with Dallas taking a QB in the 2nd day, I would have preffered it the last few years but now I don't think it's the right time or the right player. If we did go QB I would rather see Jordan Palmer but I would prefer to see this pick used to address the front 7 on defense or the OL again. Perhaps someone like Juwan Simpson OLB or Brandon Frye OT.

    Somehow I doubt we see a FS taken unless Landry by the grace of god falls to us in the 1st. I'll throw in a curve ball and say someone like Garrett Wolfe would be ideal here. He is play maker at RB, can return kicks and provides insurance in case Barber or Jones goes down. David Bell WR would also be a nice pick around this area.

    I have no problems with the Dawson pick for the same reason I liked Wolfe 1 round earlier but for the sake of keeping with the flow I'' look away from RB. In the past I have ripped Parcells for taking risks on returners and wanna be receivers in this area of the draft but I would love to land Yamon Figurs right around this area. The guy is dynamic and may be the fastest player in this draft. His WR skills just need a little work but he has far more potential then a Skyler Green. Another great pick would be Georgia OT Daniel Inman who may be one of the most under rated OT prospects.

    I really like this pick, at some point we need to look at the DT/NT spot. I would also not mind taking a look at a true FB at some point. Brandon Snow would be a nice pick here. We actually have 3 7th rounder so we have some room to play around.
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    I feel like Kolb is a safer and better pick than Jordan Palmer if we were to look at drafting a QB. I like Jordan Palmer but he would need a good 3-4 years before he seen meaningful playing time. Almost reminds me of a Derek Anderson.

    I really like some of the players you mentioned like Frye and Juwan Simpson, they are solid prospects.
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    Being a proud Domer I hate to say this but STAY AWAY from Rheema McKnight. He dropped SO MANY against both USC and LSU it was pitiful. Made TO look like Jerry Rice.
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    Paul Williams = Extremely Underrated...
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    Figurs caught my eye when he torched my Longhorns this year....helping to ruin any chance the Horns had of going to the BCS Championship Game.....He showed speed, elusiveness, great return skills, and nice hands....

    I definitely wouldnt mind Figurs in the late rounds of the draft.
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    For sure... But thats only because he didnt put up big numbers in his Senior year. However I think that can be credited to the poor play around him as well. Fresno St. sucked this year!

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