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Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by rathalarge, Apr 26, 2006.

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    Some may think that Demeco Ryans may be a good fit for the Cowboys, but we have not had a good history with drafting players from 'Bama. Remember the names Sherman Williams, Derrick Lassic, and Tony Dixon. You can argue that George Teague was a good player for the 'Boys, but we acquired him through free agency. What are your thoughts?
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    Lee Roy Jordan
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    My thought exactly....ole double nickel was pretty darn good.
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    here's what we drafted since 1982: Thornton Chandler, Derrick Lassic, Sherman Williams, Michael Myers and Tony Dixon.

    the only two that i can think of we could've used of all the Alabama alums in that span are: Cornelius Bennett, Derrick Thomas, Fernando Bryant, Chris Samuels and Shaun Alexander
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    Hypothetically, if we would have had Shaun Alexander, Derrick Thomas or Cornelius Bennett on our team you wouldn't have minded would you?

    Take this from a guy that graduated from Bama and follows that program all depends on who you pick, not the school.

    I never wanted any of those guys you mentioned, especially Dixon, because they weren't good/great NFL prospects. It's not Tony Dixon's fault the Boys picked him about 5 rounds too soon.

    Ryans is a tremendous football player who will be a credit to whatever organization he plays for.

    Croyle has a cannon for an arm, but he's fragile and not a real hard, dedicated worker. I'm glad we don't seem to be interested in him.
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    Thanks for the first hand info. on Ryan, and your opinion on Croyle.
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    We have just drafted the wrong players from Bama . :bang2:

    Ryans is a hell of a player .... don't know if he fits what we need , but the kid can play .
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    if you want a connection to look at between the boys, check ARkansas, Jerry Jones was a Razorback and looks for prospects from there
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    Don Talbert, 1961.
    Scott Appleton, 1964.
    Chris Duliban, 1986.
    Bryan Chester, 1986.
    Jeff Ward, 1987.
    Everett Gay, 1987.
    Wane McGarrity, 1999.

    All draftees from Texas. Looks to me like we haven't had much luck with Longhorns either. So by your rationale if Michael Huff falls to us we should avoid him like the plague?

    It isn't about inability to get a good player from that college or being jinxed to have Crimson Tide players on the roster. It's about whether or not said player can actually step his game up or not. Bama has produced some very good NFL players. Sticking our heads in the sand is the perfect way to miss out on some good ones.
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    but we have had luck with UCLA...:)

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