Cowboys/Browns Predictions

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Cowboys&LakersFan, Nov 17, 2012.

  1. Risen Star

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    I'm feeling an easy win. If I'm wrong, so be it.
  2. Risen Star

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    I'll be disappointed if this is another Tampa Bay game where we just go through the motions very uninspired and manage to squeak out a win.
  3. Fletch

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    I hear ya. A win is a win. I get that. And we need to string as many together as we can down the home stretch. But I want to see a win with a little bit of authority against a team we should beat any day of the week.
  4. Hoofbite

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    It is interesting. The offense has only put up more than 20 points 3 times thus far.

    Additionally, this team is coming off of 2 straight weeks without turning the ball over and I'm not sure they can make it another week without turnovers.

    The team is just too mistake prone. Cleveland is above average in terms of getting turnovers on defense so I'm skeptical the team can make it through another week without turning it over in some capacity.

    On offense however, Cleveland does turn it over quite a bit. They are a little above average in that respect so I think they will provide the chances for Dallas to take advantage but at the same time Dallas has been awful at doing so.

    Any team that protects the ball on offense or attacks the ball and generates turnovers on defense is likely going to be a tough game for Dallas.

    Dallas has been too mistake-prone and too penalty-prone to really pull away from any team this year. Aside from the Giants game in week 1, has Dallas really ran away from anyone? Going up 2 TDs with like 5:00 in the game is just about the extent of Dallas' ability to pull away from someone this year. Going up 9 against the Bucs late is next.

    The offense just hasn't shown nearly enough to warrant 30 point expectations.

    They're 21st in terms of trips to the Redzone per game, with 3.

    When they get there they are 25th in terms of coming away with a TD, at 44%

    Even with 2 spotless weeks they're 6th in terms of turnovers.

    As a team, Dallas and Washington are tied for the lead league in penalties per game.

    Far too sloppy and mistake-prone to reasonably expect 30 points. Dallas will have to play a near flawless game in terms of turnovers, penalties and redzone conversions in order to get to 30.
  5. Boys122

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    I can't see us blowing anybody out, we still continue to shoot ourselves in the foot with penalties and mental errors. If we can play an almost perfect game then we probably blow them out. I wouldn't hold my breath.
  6. Aven8

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    Cleveland is no different then us. They were up on the Gents and blew it on stupid mistakes. They were driving and they turned it over and it snowballed.

    No different then us. Mistakes at the wrong time. Bad play calling. The O is a wreck. What's funny is a stat I heard the other day is we are 3-1 on the season with 13 penalties or more. Absurd.

    I say Clev has a chance. Noon game. Bye week. We lose this one then get ready for the SP Train.
  7. Risen Star

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    There's a huge difference between the two teams and you only need to look at the QBs to find it.
  8. Hoofbite

    Hoofbite Well-Known Member

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    I'm expecting a dog fight.

    I really don't think Dallas will walk over them and don't care if they do or not.

    It's a league where every weak some team shows up and beats someone they aren't supposed to.

    Three weeks ago Cleveland beat San Diego, 7-6.

    The week before that they pushed Indy to their limits, losing 17-13. Had it not been for a missed PAT, it's a 3 point game in the 4th quarter and they're likely not punting from the IND 41 on 4th and 1 midway through the 4th quarter.

    Two weeks ago they took a 1 point lead against Baltimore halfway through the 4th quarter in spite of failing to covert a single trip to the Redzone into a TD. 0-5 that day.

    Cleveland isn't some JV team. They get paychecks just like the rest of the players in the NFL.

    They're defense has been playing much improved ball compared to early in the season. In those three games above I think they gave up like 870 combined yards. 290 yards per game. They forced 5 straight 3-&-Outs to start the second half against Baltimore. I remember that day well because my friend has Ray Rice in a fantasy league and after scoring like 10 points on Baltimore's first drive, he finished the game with like 15. Needless to say, he wasn't too fond of that game after having his eyes light up in the first quarter.

    As I said, I expect a dog fight. Whether or not Dallas runs them out of town doesn't really make a difference to me. Does the team play well and do they limit mistakes? That's what I want to see.

    I pray it's not another game where Dallas basically lets the other team stay in it because they fail to convert, turn the ball over or commit penalty after penalty.
  9. Aven8

    Aven8 Well-Known Member

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    That's our only chance every week. Romo. But this team is a mess. I want them to prove to me they can clean it up. I crave for that day.

    But to your point this team can beat us. Just like anybody.
  10. Mansta54

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    There's a HUGE difference between us and the Browns. Wow!!
  11. Aven8

    Aven8 Well-Known Member

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    I was referring to both being train wrecks. We have a tad more talent, QB for sure, but we still make "Cleveland" type mistakes.
  12. links18

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    No, it doesn't upset me. I was just wondering why people are so confident we are going to put up thirty points. What are they basing that on? Our offense has struggled all season long. Where are those points going to come from? What are they seeing in this game that leads them to believe we are doing what we have done only once before this season with major help from the defense/special teams?
  13. dallasfan4lizife

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    15-7 cowboys.
  14. tantrix1969

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    17-13 Dallas
  15. Dodger

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    Prediction huh....

    I predict the Cowboys will play down to the competition like they almost always do. They'll win, but we'll probably see a return to sloppy play, turnovers, and double digit penalties.

    Cowboys 20
    Browns 16

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