Cowboys Can Improve Greatly In 06'

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by CommonCents, Jan 16, 2006.

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    This offseason presents a very unique opportunity for the Dallas Cowboys to improve. Serious talent can be found in FA, the April draft, and in the ranks of the current roster. With glaring needs at FS, OL, LB, WR, QB, and possibly DE it will be tough for Dallas to make a serious super bowl run, or will it?

    I think the overall talent level of the team still needs to be upgraded at certain positions before a title run can happen, we need better play at every level of our offense. Up front, in the backfield, and from the wideouts. We also need a bett pass rush on defense.

    What FA players are you interested in, and who should the Cowboys go after with their 1st round pick?
  2. neosapien23

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    Chris Hope - FS
    Akin Adoyele, Kalimba Edwards, or LaVar Arrington - OLB
    Koren Robinson - WR
    Kevin Barry - RT

    1st trade down about 6 slots get another 2nd pick
    1st pick - Max Jean Guilles - G
    2nd pick - Duece Lutui - G
    2nd pick - Kai Parham - ILB
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    Koren Robinson has trouble written all over him.....

    I do like your picks for OLB, because that is a major position of need. Besides Ware, nobody is a threat to rush teh QB from the LB spot.

    QB isn't a serious need if we are going to push for a SB next year. Bledsoe proved he is more than capable if you give him time.

    DE? Where is DE a problem. We have Canty, Spears, Ratliff, probably Ellis. OLB maybe, but DE, no.

    WR, though I agree the position needs some youth, I think for this next season, what we have will work, but I'd sure like some outh.

    FS, Davis was good and bad at times, I think an off-season will benefit him alot....but I wouldn't be the least bit surprised if we get anotehr FS in there.

    OL definately needs to have some work done on it, thoguht the return of Adams will definately help us out alot.
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    I don't want MaxJean... he looks like too much of a LA clone... I'd much rather have a tackle... Marcus McNeil... Winston Justice...

    Lutui isn't eligible for the NFL yet is he??? That guy is a monster.

    I never got to see Kai Parham... isn't he from VA??? I also wouldn't mind getting Bobby Carpenter from Ohio State either...
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    get Capers. But Bill will never do that. If we do well, Bill would neve want to share the credit. Isn't that why we have Payton and Zimmer as OC and DC? He wants ALL the credit when we win. It's all about Bill.

    But seriously, on defense we need a true free safety to free up Roy and as we loaded up on the DL last year, we need to load up on big attacking LBs this year. FA and the draft.

    On offense, with Flozell coming back, I think Center is our most important position of need on the OL. Because Petiti with help worked out well...

    Looking into the future, we need to draft young playmakers on offense in the draft. Since we haven't given up on JJ and Witten is a keeper, that means a WR.
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    You better plan on getting another kicker in here as well.
  7. neosapien23

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    I think Allen will be gone. Barry is a young RT that is more than adequate. Parham is an experinced linebacker in a 3-4. He has played both OLB and ILB.

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