News: Cowboys CBs have been told to prepare for 16 weeks of being as physical as you can

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    Dallas Cowboys Blog Brandon Carr: Cowboys CBs have been told to prepare for ’16 weeks of being as physical as you can be
    By Jon Machota
    3:37 pm on March 5, 2013

    Dallas Cowboys cornerback Brandon Carr says Morris Claiborne “held his own” during his rookie season. Claiborne was the No. 1 defensive player on the Cowboys’ draft board. The franchise showed their commitment by trading up and drafting the cornerback with the sixth overall selection.

    But Claiborne, who finished with one interception, eight passes defended and 55 tackles, didn’t experience a smooth transition from college to the pros. He missed all of rookie mini-camp, organized team activities and mini-camp because of a surgically repaired left wrist. The LSU standout then missed some of training camp with a left knee injury and one regular season game with a concussion.

    Carr, a five-year veteran, talked on Friday about how much Claiborne can improve in his second year with a full offseason under his belt.

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    claiborne needs to work on his tackling and getting off blocks. Hopefully he stays healthy this offseason so he can get in the weight room and work on his technique. Other than that claiborne has been pretty good. He could have 3 picks if it wasn't for offensive pass interferances. One vs B-more were torrey smith pushed him to the ground and then caught the ball for 6, no flag :bang2: and he had another offensive pass interference that caused him not to get the pick.
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    the biggest issue I saw with Mo was his confidence. He is way too high of draft pick not to have supreme confidence in his skill set. He needs to play with edge if he is going to justify his draft position. I get sense he will be much better this year.
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    Claiborne will have to add 10 lbs of muscle and get stronger.
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    Playing well with or without edge is good enough for me.

    I think he's a very smart player. I mentioned before but the way he angles WRs off their routes is beautiful. Pretty sure he carried a guy OB in the Chicago game. Completely OB but because he's also looking to make a play on the ball he's getting away with a lot. I love it.
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    Hopefully the offseason and some weight training will make year 2 memorable. I don't expect rookies to be amazing but I did expect a little more. Some real NFL safeties might help Mo too.
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    That shouldn't be an issue -- he couldn't weight train b/c of his wrist surgery. He was skinny but certainly a willing and often effective tackler
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    Agreed, I think he'll be much improved as far as strength is concerned.

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