Cowboys Have Interest In Amobi Okoye

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Ultimategamer5567, Jul 23, 2013.

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    OXNARD, Calif. -- The Cowboys have expressed interest in free agent defensive lineman Amobi Okoye, according to a source.

    Team officials have no plans at the moment to bring in any linemen for a workout, but the team does have one roster spot available on their 90-man roster. The goal is to fill that spot with a defensive lineman.

    Okoye played in nine games last season for the Chicago Bears under then-defensive coordinator Rod Marinelli, who is now the defensive line coach for the Cowboys. Okoye, a 2007 first-round pick by the Houston Texans, has 16 career sacks.

    The Cowboys have lost four defensive linemen to injury in the first three days of training camp.

    Starting defensive end Anthony Spencer was sent back to Dallas to undergo surgery on his left knee. The recovery time is two to four weeks. Starting defensive tackle Jay Ratliff hasn't practiced yet because of a hamstring strain and his return date is unknown.

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    Anyone know if he is asking for more than the league minimum?
  3. jblaze2004

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    we should be interested in anyone on the d and O line.
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  4. Doomsday101

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    I think it would be worth it to bring him in and see if he can earn a job.
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    I mean it's obvious he would be a rotational player as a security blanket for Ratliff. He wouldn't be earning a job.
  6. TheRomoSexual

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    I'm in. He's young and has been productive. Quite frankly, his career has baffled me.
  7. Galian Beast

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    He signed with Detroit.
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    If we are looking to play him at DT, it'd be more at the 1 tech, I think. It may be a stretch, but with Crawford done and Spencer out for a few, we may be seeing Hatcher of all people playing some DE. Wilber is doing it right now, but I'm not too confident in guys like Sheffield and Taylor to be the other backup DE. We may need to do some shuffling.
  9. Teague31

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    This is a no brainier. Do it Jerra
  10. Galian Beast

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    I just mean that we're probably in need of more defensive tackles. Most of these players are going to be taking time at both #1 and #3.

    Can't really rely on Ratliff to stay healthy, so Hatcher will probably take a lot of his reps, and in that case you can plug in Okoye at the #1.
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    In latest news the Cowboys have also expressed interest in Obi-Wan Kenobi.

    (sorry, couldn't help it)
  12. kiheikiwi

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    Like the idea of him in the rotational mix. Liked him when he was drafted by Chiefs, but his career kinda went nowhere. Maybe as a rotational player he can be just one piece of the puzzle !
  13. Galian Beast

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    All that being said, Okoye is a 3 technique player. So he would be brought in as Ratliff's primary back up.
  14. FiveRings

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    Hmmm, Okoye
  15. JoeyBoy718

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    Someone else said 1 tech. Anyway, it would be better if he is in fact a 3 tech since Ratliff's durability, not Hatcher's is what is in question.
  16. Bowdown27

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    I can see him coming here because of rod marinelli. We need any "rush men" at this point
  17. Redball Express

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    Absolutely..and sign him before any other team has a DL go down and they take him.

    We are critical with depth and

    The fact we didn't draft for it clearly means were are looking for someone to come in here and if not at least split minutes with our injured guys.

    Come on..Garrett..stop with the sunshine about opportunities for the younger guys. Is this guy on medication or what?
  18. arglebargle

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    He's our only hope!
  19. tinoe

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  20. dart

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    how much of Rat do you think we will see - rat has got issues - back up at first then Rat gets hurt like every year - so I say he bought in to be the starter

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