Cowboys have no clue!

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by Dorsett33, Apr 25, 2013.

  1. Dorsett33

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    Jerry needs to step down from the football operation
  2. TheRomoSexual

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    Thanks for your fantastic contribution!
  3. sadams

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    ABQCOWBOY Moderator Staff Member

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    You were turning backflips over Romo Signing. You were entitled to your opinion, he is entitled to his.
  5. dwight

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    He passed on two DTs that could have started on this team.

    He does not know what he is doing and I don't understand how anybody could think that this is okay.

    I am tired of his act. He has destroyed the Dallas Cowboys.
  6. Bware_Dware

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    We drafted a solid offensive lineman to protect our latest investment. What on earth did you want to do? And please do t say trade down. To be able to trade the other party needs to be willing...

    I am interested in your response because I believe they did EXACTLY what this team needed
  7. TheRomoSexual

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    We passed over two DTs that could have started and picked a center/guard that will start.
  8. mmillman

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    I don't have a prob picking a center but not there. Centers need to be special to be first round picks and Frederick is good not special
    Getting just a third was terrible. Look at what the pats got to trade back
  9. SilverStarCowboy

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    We should have traded all our picks for a GM.
  10. big dog cowboy

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    Apples and oranges.
  11. plymkr

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    How's it apples and oranges. Well first let me say that I am not arguing or disagreeing with you. I was mad at the trade cuz my initial reaction was we got screwed, and screwed by the niners made it even more painful. I thought moving up that many spots in rd 1 would take more than a 3rd rounder. Then when I saw the patriots/viking's trade I just got depressed. So educate me on this. If it is a non comparable situation then I'd like to know so I am not mad about it. For the record I like the interior oline pick and with the way olinemem were flying off the board I doubt we could have gotten him with the 47th. So I like the draft pick and don't mind that we drafted the guy we wanted at 31. I'm just mad at the trade cuz it seemed amateurish by Jerry and company.
  12. ChldsPlay

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    The Patriots dropped a lot farther than we did for one. Their 3rd is a lot worse than the one we got, and they had an extremely willing partner.
  13. big dog cowboy

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    Thank you.
  14. plymkr

    plymkr Well-Known Member

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    Ok, I can see the reasoning. Thanks. What are your guys' feeling about the trade? Good? Bad? Reasonable? I'm willing to admit that sometimes my lack of faith in Jerry can lead me to believe the worst about anything he does. I guess it's a conditioned response. I'm curious as to what others who are not as blinded by dislike of gm part of Jerry thinks about the trade.
  15. Picksix

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    If you look at the trades in the first round, it seemed like most of the teams that traded down (Oakland, STL, Dallas) either didn't get point value, or at least didn't get what they would have in the past. Once Oakland went from 3 to 12, and only got back another 2nd, that reset the market for the night.

    In Dallas' case, the players they wanted were gone, and they really wanted to trade out of that spot. The 49ers wanted to trade up, but I think we were the more urgent of the two, thus didn't have the leverage. In NE's case, I don't think they were as eager to trade down, thus were more comfortable with demanding more.

    I'll admit, I was disappointed that Dallas only got back a 3rd. Thought they should have at least gotten the late 2nd, or a 3rd and 5th/6th. But I just think it was more of a buyer's market tonight.
  16. Idgit

    Idgit If you food, you gonna be ate. Staff Member

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    A third and a 5th is what I was thinking. We dropped back too far to 31. At the end of the day, though, that 5th round pick is worth an incidental number of points. It would have been nice, though, to have only moved back far enough that we could have either drafted Sly or taken the Minny deal and had 2 2s, 2 3s and 2 4s to play with tomorrow. Given that we took Frederick early, we'd have been able to get our OL tomorrow pretty readily if we were willing to move back up in the second. And we'd have ammunition to maneuver in later rounds, which we don't really have right now.
  17. RastaRocket

    RastaRocket Sanka, Ya Dead Mon? Ya Mon.

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    It's an incomparable situation because at the time we traded down the Vikings were not trying to trade up for Patterson. After we traded, pieces fell a specific way and the Vikings decided to trade into the first round with a high demand for Patterson.
  18. Beast_from_East

    Beast_from_East Well-Known Member

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    Exactly, the Vikes were not going to take Patterson at 18.

    As far as the trade value thing, at first it appeared we got raped, but the Raider trade early set the value for picks. All the teams that made trades after that basically used that value as the baseline.

    So in a sense, Steven Jones is right, we either won or broke even on our trade using the value set by the Raider trade. The chart changes from draft to draft, that was what was meant by the comment that there are many charts out there.
  19. rwalters31

    rwalters31 Well-Known Member

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    Ok, the pick of a OL man is not bad. I had not anticipated the player that was picked, but OK. The question is this the guy who will allow Romo to step up into the pocket? can he pull or push the DL back for a runner? When I get to see the answers I will feel OK. Now if we can fix another position on the OL we may be able to run and get some down field passing.

    I did have to pick myself off the floor on the trade and pick.:eek:

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