Cowboys have not selected an offensive lineman in the 1st round in 22 years

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by tm1119, Apr 26, 2011.

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    So why is everyone so confident that Jerry will break that trend now? I honestly dont see it happening. I think Jerry has justified this reasoning by picking some great o-lineman and having great o-lines by taking guys in the 2nd and later. So why not just sign a solid guy like Bushrod and draft an OG like Cannon or Watkins in the 2nd and call our o-line done? I honestly think we are better off signing a vet than playing a rookie RT. I really dont think our o-line can afford growing pains with a rookie.

    If we go into next year with an o-line of Free-Kosier-Gurode-Davis/rookie(competition)-Bushrod I think we will be more than fine on offense. Our defense was the real problem last year(aside from Romo getting hurt). Jerry should let Ryan get the guys he wants in the draft to build his D to his liking, that will be benefit this team the most now and in the long run in my opinion.
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    ........but Goose and Galloway and all the draft geeks are starting to agree with you. We really SUCK at drafting olinemen in the early rounds. And JJ knows it too....I won't be shocked if we trade down and then take Watt and around 40 take the best olineman available. But....I'm not sold on Watt as much as others are in here either. I want to just take Smith. Mean streak, athletic and 20 years old....fiction about 'not being ready' to play right tackle next year. Helluva lot more ready than Colombo I'll bet.
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    Jerry has never drafted a player from Arkansas and then he drafted Felix in the 1st round. Don't go off of history.
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    Its funny that you mention that cuz that year all the mockers and analysts had us taking Felix. So we shouldn't just disregard all of what they say
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    Never picking a player from a specific school is completely different than never picking a position that makes up almost 1/2 of the offensive side of the ball. Plus Im sure theres still plenty of schools that Jerry has never picked in the 1st, thats purely coincidence. Not picking OL is clearly a strategy.
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    but thats what alot of people were saying the year we picked Felix so yes its the same. Not a big difference especially its the school Jerry went to.

    jerry even said in his press conference he doesn't believe in going by that philosophy any more. I think its stupid for people to keep bringing this up.

    Jerry never drafted a kicker until he drafted Folk.
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    Cmon people dont change:rolleyes: :)
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    Contrary to popular belief the Dallas Cowboys did not begin 22 years ago. We have not selected an Offensive Lineman in the first round in 30 years. In 51 years we have only selected 4. Scott Appleton in 1964 (never played for Dallas, singed with the AFL), John Niland in 1966, Robert Shaw in 1979, and Howard Richards in 1981.

    By applying the logic only to Jerry's 22 years you must then assume we are taking a DL because we have done that 6 times since Jerry has been here. 8 if you count 2 guys who were moved to OLB in the 3-4, Ware and Spencer.

    Maryland, 1991
    Pritchett, 1991
    Carver, 1993
    Ellis, 1998
    Ekuban, 1999
    Spears, 2005
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    Before drafting Dez in the 1st round last year, does anyone know how many years had passed since we drafted a WR in the 1st rnd?
  10. supercowboy8

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    that would be Alvin Harper in 1991 12th over all. We selected Russell amryland with the over all 1st pick that year.
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    and do you think we all don't now this by know


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