News: Cowboys head to NFL's toughest venue

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    This week's NFL "Hot Read" by Greg Garber addresses the issue of which NFL stadiums are the toughest on visiting teams. And the place at the very top of the list is the Baltimore Ravens' M&T Bank Stadium, which is where the Dallas Cowboys will play this Sunday. The toughest-venue rankings were compiled by polling more than two dozen NFL players, owners, GMs, scouts, analysts and writers, but in the end it was the numbers that put Baltimore's home field at the top:
    The numbers are, quite frankly, astonishing: In 14 seasons at the building now known as M&T Bank Stadium, the Ravens are a giddy 84-31 (.730). The road record in that time is a less-than-stellar 50-64 (.439). No NFL team in recent years has had more dramatic Jekyll-and-Hyde mood swings.​
    So good luck to the Cowboys this Sunday as they come off the bye still trying to wash the taste of their most recent loss to the Bears out of their mouths. Not going to be easy.

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