Cowboys Lead the League in Least Amount of Interceptions

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by cowboyskid29, Nov 19, 2012.

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    Just don't have enough cornerbacks.
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    So the measure of a good secondary is the number of INTs it has? Nevermind that they are tied for 5th in the league in giving up only 11 TDs. Nevermind that they are 6th in the league, giving up 211/g.

    It seems some fans are content with finding negative things to look at instead of recognizing how much better this secondary is this year. Are there areas that could be better? Absolutely. The secondary is hardly the problem for Dallas this year.
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    Um, no. At the end of the day, if the OL could open holes for the run and effectively protect Romo, we would barely need a defense...much less takeaways.
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    That meant that Peyton didn't fear Newman at all through that game. He threw the go ahead TD with Newton covering.
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    I agree on the first part. If a team (mainly secondary) isn't getting a lot of picks, it could be because they are looking at the man and not the ball. Zone would be easier to get picks because they are looking at the qb most of the time. Problem is when Cowboys do go zone, they don't really do anything special.
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    Obviously, it's the whole package. Takeaways are incredibly valuable, and if you're not getting them, yeah, that limits how good your defense is. So we're 5th or 6th in giving up yards and TDs. Sure, that's good. We're also the worst in the league at starting field position for our offense. That's bad, and it's partially driven by the lack of takeaways.
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    cam newton?

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    I agree the Cowboys keep opponents in games therefore QB's don't have to press. When you get a team down by 2 scores or more they have to take some chances down the field which allows your defense to pin their ears back and come after the QB this leads to mistakes by the QB. One reason Romo has thrown a number of int's this season is the Cowboys have been way behind in a couple of games forcing him into some bad decisions against Chicago and the Giants in the second game. He had 9 int's in those 2 games having to play form way behind.

    Opponents don't have to stray away from their game plan against the Cowboys because our offense gets off to slow starts and doesn't score many TD's. QB's are able to manage games and not have to air it out all day in an attempt to come back. We allowed 2 rookie QB's Russell Wilson and Brandon Weeden to get comfortable behind a strong running game. Neither QB was forced into an int vs the Cowboys because their teams jumped out to a lead while our offense sputtered and they were able to get comfortable and manage the game.

    The only decisive win the Cowboys have had this season where they jumped out to a nice lead was vs Philly and that was due to 21 points by the defense and special teams. If the Cowboys wouldn't have to settle for FG's so much and would start putting some TD's on the board after long drives they would take QB's out of their comfort zone and get more int's and turnovers in general.
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    Show me one team that ever won a Super Bowl generating turnovers at the rate this team does?
  11. Doomsday101

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    3rd in the NFL is giving up the fewest TD passes. No doubt would like to see more ints but let’s not act as if this secondary is some sieve. It is not by accident Dallas is ranked high in pass defense.
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    When you don't get enough pressure on the QB, you're not going to get INTS unless the QB makes a dumb mistake. Most INTS are caused by tips, a rushed QB.. When the team does seem to get pressure, they get sacks.

    I don't believe in a secondary that can do it by itself in this league espeically nowadays.. its a combo of luck, pressure on the QB and mistakes by the QB.

    Not only that, we have Brandon Carr who likes to play off and Mo who is a rookie that is too aggressive that he gets called on PI too much.
  13. Aven8

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    Takeovers as Rob calls them is the only thing I can see helping out the putrid offense right now.

    If we make the playoffs those are going to have to go up, because I can't see this team playing 6 straight clean games on offense!
  14. jimnabby

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    Well, part of the reason we're "ranked high in pass defense" is that the rankings specifically don't account for INTs. So they account for the things we do well and not for the things we don't, and surprise, we rank well.

    If you look at systems that do try to account for everything, the numbers look different. Football Outsiders has us at 21st in pass defense. I'm not saying their numbers are perfect, but if you want a complete picture, you can't just ignore the lack of takeaways (or, for that matter, the penalties).
  15. Zordon

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    this has been an organizational problem for more than a decade.
  16. Deep_Freeze

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    This is the part that is constantly ignored, defense is a team game. It takes dominate players at every level of your D to really make it a dominate unit that can all of a sudden cause turnovers and score points.

    Teams do make their own luck though, I'm sure Chicago won't be giving any of those wins back cause their D is lucky. We could use upgrades along the front 7 and at safety before we can really say that we can cause our own luck.
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    I really feel like I could play opposite Ware 800 snaps a season and stumble into a sack or four.

    It's almost as if these guys are trying to not get to the quarterback.

    Turnovers are a result of QBs being uncomfortable and being forced to do things they don't want to do. Outside of 94, no one is getting that done, whether they're playing against all pro tackles, third string practice squad bodies, JAGs, doesn't matter - Dallas' pass rush is going to get stoned no matter who they go up against. It's really uncanny.
  18. Doomsday101

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    As I said I would like to see more ints by the defense but the secondary has not played poorly. As important as it is to get turnover the main job of any defense is to stop the other team from scoring and our defense has done that often with little help from an offense who has turned the ball over in our own territory or for instance 6. Ryan using the 3 man rush has not helped the secondary that much either.
  19. Doomsday101

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    Then maybe Ryan should lay off the 3 man rush when we have the opposing team in 3rd and long situations. You are pretty much giving the catch and making sure you make the tackle before a 1st down takes place.
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    Newton was easier to type but it is Newman lol. Thanks

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