Cowboys looking for DE at 14

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by supercowboy8, Mar 1, 2012.

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    Joe Everett ‏ @RookieDraft Reply Retweet Favorite · Open
    Breaking: DL Michael Brockers, #LSU did NOT lift during the #NFLCombine + his agency is having the combine results corrected
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    I'm sure his agent would like to change all the results of the combine . Brockers was exposed to being less than advertised .
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    That would be cool if he could breakdown Brockers and a few others.
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    Not lifting is almost as bad, or even worse, than lifting poorly. :eek:
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    yes he was. His combine results is probably worst than everybody's on our defensive line. But the game isn't played in shorts and a tight spandex shirt on a track. So idk. The scouts still have brockers ranked in the top 10 soooooo idk.
    I also think brocker putting on weight has hurt his times, But will make him more nfl ready.

    but brockers is a boom or bust type of guy. I think at worst brockers will be a good run stopper. Basically spears.
  6. jnday

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    If Dallas goes with a boom or bust player , I would rather it be Poe . I have watched too many LSU games without being impressed . I think Brockers will be a Spears-type player . Poe seems to push the pocket more when motivated . I would much rather have Coples or Cox .
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    Poe scares me. Considering the level of the competition he faced, he didn't do much. Seems to me that his workouts have elevated him to level his play doesn't deserve.
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    That goes for everything. Articles, sources, I don't pay any attention to any of it.

    Even if the info does come from a team, they could just as easily be lying as telling the truth. So it's completely pointless to give it any attention.

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