Cowboys looking to trade for more picks...

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Bowdown27, Mar 14, 2013.

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    I understand what you're saying, but in terms of elusiveness and his ability to extend plays, that has to diminish as one gets older. I think it started to diminish last year IMO. What made Romo great is now compromised by his "old age" for a QB's standards.

    He's also taken his share of bumps and bruises along the way, to say the least.
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    See this whole elusiveness thing is very misleading. While his elusiveness is what he's famous for, if you actually look at the numbers, he's at his best when he doesn't have to be "Romo". He's illusive because he HAS to be. Not because it makes him better. As for his illusiveness having to deminish at some point...yeah I'm sure it will some but his ability to extend plays aren't based off of speed. It's about making crazy, sandlot style plays. I wouldn't think Age would affect that much.
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    This is just my opinion, but I think Romo is at his best when he's making plays OUTSIDE of the pocket. I don't think he does well as a traditional drop-back, step and throw QB. Just my opinion.

    I agree he has to be illusive for numerous reasons (protection breakdown, WR's running the wrong routes, great coverage, etc.), but as Romo gets older, there is an influx of young talent coming into the league every single year. You combine Romo's age with his bumps and bruises, and you've got a cause for concern IMO.
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    He's definitely better throwing on the run outside the pocket. Or in situations in the pocket where the play has broken down. He can still beat you from inside the pocket, though. That's where the issues with the interior OL over the years have come into play.

    I recall the Giants DL publicly implying the issue was Romo from the pocket a few years back, which was unfair, because the real issue was that we had OGs in Davis and Gurode who were repeatedly blowing their responsibilities even on simple delayed stunts. Any QB in the league, if you contain him and then bring pressure up the middle is not going to play well unable to see over the pocket and unable to set his feet.
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    I don't even think Romo relies that much on his elusiveness and it's not like he blessed with great athleticism. He was never a guy that wows everyone at the combine. He has great awareness, stamina, and body control from his soccer playing I assume. I don't think that is something that will leave him with age as much as a player that relies on elite quickness and speed for their elusiveness.
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    I agree when looking at a historical reference, but presently college teams are producing NFL ready QBs that you can draft and plug and play... Luck, RG3, Wilson, Tannehill, Kaepernick, even Jake Locker with the right build around him.
    I dont hate Romo, just on the business side of the situation, Romos value for retention was 2-3 yrs ago not now. Meaning that if the right pieces had been added during that time frame, and he had a championship under his belt,, the story would be different.
    As it stands now, the prudent method is to let Romo play out his final season, put the cap towards the OL, and go with a replacement plug n play in 2014, when the draft is ripe at QB prospects.
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    Barring injury Romo is a lock to be the starting QB in 2013 because Garrett's fate as head coach rests on making the playoffs in 2013. If the Cowboys miss the playoffs for a 3rd straight season under him he's gone. Garrett has no chance of retaining his job without a solid QB. He's tied to Romo he's invested way too much time in him to go in a different direction at QB with a make or break season coming up. The Cowboys don't have a better option than Romo on the roster and there won't be one on the streets or available through trade that would be better.

    The 2013 season could be the final call for both Garrett and Romo. Jerry may allow Romo to play out his contract and make a decision at the end of the 2013 season on him. If the Cowboys take a QB in the 2nd round next month that will be an indiction the team may be preparing to move on from Romo. Most QB's that are taken in the 2nd round are taken with the thought of them becoming starters at some point.

    At change at QB could definitely happen in 2014 if Romo continues to falter when it matters most resulting in the Cowboys missing the playoffs again. At some point you have to shake things up and make a change at QB if you keep missing the playoffs. Even though the current crop of QB's aren't rated very high that doesn't mean none of them will turn out. I would take a flier on one in the 2nd or 3rd round the Cowboys have to start preparing for life without Romo because the 2013 season could be it for him.
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    To the people saying the Cowboys could let Romo just play out his last year.....would you really be OK with just letting a top QB just walk away for absolutely nothing because the team didn't make the playoffs? Franchising him isn't an option and the odds of him choosing to come back to this team as an UFA is slim to none. The team only has to real options. Give him his new contract before the season starts or trade him for whatever they can get. I don't think some of the people saying he should play out his contract are really thinking this through.
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    People's judgment is clouded by Romo's polarizing perception.

    It's a shame Cowboy fans buy into it, but what can you say for such an uninformed grouping.

    IMO those people deserve Romo leaving because odds are the Cowboys will end up with truly mediocre play at QB.

    If I were him I'd be more then willing to move on and I think we're seeing the beginnings of his departure.
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    It's that and I don't think people are thinking it through enough to realize that if you don't give Romo his new contract now, he's likely gone...and for absolutely nothing. It would be an all time stupid NFL move to let a QB of Romo's production go for absolutely nothing. He can't be franchised (because he'd be $25-27mil against the cap) and as an UFA, there's no way in hell he'd come back to this team that doesn't build a real oline around him and apparently didn't feel he was worth the going rate before the year started.
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    You would do something like an NBA sign and trade, I would think.
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    Yeah that's not a thing in the NFL
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    Signing bonuses accelerate into the current year if a play is traded.
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    that is absolutely the way it should go down.
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    Dead on.

    And someone mentioned the plug and play QBs of late like Tannehill and even Locker... Those two aren't in the class of a Luck or RG3. Those two only look any good because they're taking over for absolute nobodies. If we who have watched Romo for seven years had to watch a Tannehill (or especially a Locker), we'd be pretty disgusted.

    Well, some would see some raw talent and be perfectly happy with it, I guess. But we definitely wouldn't win any more games.
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    This is the smartest thing I've read in this thread. It'd be more sensible to trade him for Alex Smith level compensation than it would be to just let him walk. Can't believe anyone who understands how NFL free agency works could think letting him just play it out and leave is the smart move.
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    We'd have just as many Lombardi trophies to show for it. And be using the money saved on key players.
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    This is based on the assumption you can 'plug and play'. This assumption totally ignores the reality that you can't just go get another franchise QB. Players like Luck are the exception. I do think that some college QBs are more NFL ready these days as more teams use a pro offense. The jury is still out on these run and gun QBs. We've had running QBs for a long time and they tend to get injured. And they have to learn to throw first and run as last resort.

    I don't agree with this. And I didn't mean to diminish Romo's ability to make plays from the pocket. I was just highlighting the one thing that makes him unique IMO.

    This would be one of the dumbest things you could do is trade your franchise QB so you can replace him with a journeyman.

    There are two great winners in this league. One is an elite QB. The other is a team that is able to generate turnovers.

    You don't often win SBs with journeymen QBs.
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    I was not advocating trading him, but saying that trading him would at least make more sense than having him play out his contract.

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