Cowboys name TE's coach and assistant OL coach....

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Risen Star, Feb 5, 2013.

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    Callahans' is the same system Garrett was running, that won't work without some upgrades along the Oline Jerruh.
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    All offenses are designed around the basic passing concepts and route combinations. In other words your going to run some sort of flood combination routes to beat zone coverage or a smash combination to beat man. What you said is right on the money - kudos.

    And that is what separates Martz's version from Turner's to Zampese's playbook.

    I think Callahan is going to be fine with a full year of observation/game planning under his belt. Based on what Garrett said at the beginning of 2012 when Callahan was hired with the OC title things just might be right on schedule with the "process".
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    The whole call "JG's plays" is nuts. It would be the same thing as Zimmer calling BP's 3-4. Dumb.

    Romo needs a new challenge IMO, and this offense could explode for all we know. I'm bored with this offense. It's time for a new twist.

    I'm sure Philly will be blowing the doors off by week 4 with Chip Kelly's "complicated new offense". How long was Reid there again? :rolleyes:
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    I would much prefer our WRs (who already have problems knowing where to line up) are comfortable with the terminology than a playcaller who has a playsheet under his nose.
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    Thank goodness we've been heading in the right direction and only had to tweak the coaching staff a smidge to continue down that path.
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    I agree that the play calling is not the problem and that this offense would function much better with a better offensive line. While Garrett's play calling may not be the issue, I do think his duties as an OC may be interfering with his effectiveness as a head coach. The teams play has been too sloppy (penalties, turnovers, not lining up correctly, slow starts, etc.) and game management has been a problem. Garrett's responsibity as a head coach is to get those areas fixed. So his focus needs to be in these areas not play calling.
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    Yeah, but now we feel silly for complaining about something so much that wasn't actually the problem, right?
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    Well considering we trailed 79% of the season and scored more than 10 points in the first half only once all year, I question how great of an offensive mind Garrett is to begin with.

    The only time we started to score points was in the 2nd half when we were down by multiple TDs and just let Romo play sandlot ball.

    If your best offense, in terms of scoring points, is to just let the QB play sandlot ball...............I have to question how great of an offensive mind the play caller really is. Maybe that is why they are looking for a new play caller.

    Just saying.
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    I have not been that impressed with Callahan even as s OL coach. Dallas is quick to lean on him considering his past. I don't think he has had a coaching job where the players could put up with him for very long without hating him. He has the personality that rubs players the wrong way. How much longer will it be before the players quit on him in Dallas due to that personality?
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    What were we complaining about again?
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    Lol. I forget, too. What is today? Wednesday? On Wednesdays, it's Jerry Jones and Jason Garrett, I think.
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    how many good coaches are going to roll through and fail at "coaching up" our terrible talent along the offensive before we realize that they aren't bad coaches, we just give them nothing to work with?
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    That's interesting. I wonder how Nutt rubs his players? :D Actually, I was wondering if we dropped Nutt. I keep hearing there is a vacancy at RB coach and I thought Nutt was named the RB coach. Any updates?
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    Thank you!

    :cool: ;)
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    What makes you say that? Don't you care for what happens to the Cowboys? Garrett was awful as a playcaller. This is an improvement.
  17. Idgit

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    Care to name a single non-special teams play call you disagreed with, and why? The actual call, of course, and not the outcome of the play or just pointing out what Tony's read was on a particular route.
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    I think you know better that you won't get a response.

    I mean what sort of coaching gets you 6 possesions in the 1st half of the SB and you only come away with 6 pts, while the other team has 5 and they score 21 pts?

    Was coaching the problem or was it the players on the field?
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    Damien Woody was an offensive lineman for Bill Callahan for three years with the New York Jets, and he can’t say enough good things about the Cowboys' new offensive line coach.

    “He’s a meticulous man,” Woody said. “He’s not going to leave any stone unturned. That’s the one thing about him. He’s meticulous in everything: the classroom, on the field. He’s a real stickler on technique. But the one thing I like about him is he listens to the players. He’s open. His whole thing is he’s not going to make players do something they’re not comfortable with. At the end of the day if the players feel like it worked better one way, he’ll listen.”

    The Jets’ line had something called the “Breakfast Club,” and they would meet before the rest of the team would get in the building to start the day.

    “We always had the longest meetings of probably any position group on the team because we just went over everything,” Woody said. “Every little detail we’d go over.”

    With the Jets, Woody said Callahan worked man and zone blocking schemes.

    “When I first got there, we were kind of like a power, just straight man-on-man blocking,” Woody said. “But as time wore on we incorporated the zone more into our blocking schemes. He’s versatile. We did both and were successful with both with the Jets. It doesn’t matter to him. He knows how to get it done the way the offensive coordinator wants to get it done.”
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    They don't need a "Guy" to fix the OL. They needs "Guys". And they need to be players, not coaches.

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