News: Cowboys' offensive line with mixed night

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    September, 9, 2013
    Sep 9
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    By Calvin Watkins |
    ARLINGTON, Texas -- The Cowboys offensive line had two players make their debuts on Sunday night against the New York Giants.

    [​IMG]Rookie Travis Frederick, the Cowboys' first-round pick, started at center, and second-year right guard Ronald Leary earned his first career start.

    The Cowboys rushed for 87 yards and saw quarterback Tony Romo get sacked twice and he suffered an apparent rib injury late in the first half after two defenders hit him. The line also gave Romo some time to throw 49 passes for 263 yards and two touchdowns. On one of Romo's sacks the quarterback held the ball a long time and maybe should have just thrown the pass away.

    "It's never as good as it is and it's never as bad as you think it is," Frederick said of the line play. "You just got to watch the film and correct it. We ran the ball but I don't think we ran the ball as well as we wanted to. It's something we need to continue to work at and continue to improve."
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    Yep. Many times they gave him tons of time to thrown.

    However there were times when Bern and Leary got knocked back and off their feet.

    There were times when they missed the blocks.

    There was a time where Bern Pulled and flew through the different levels without touching anyone lol.

    There were times where Tyron just stonewalled JPP but seemed to let Kiwanuka (sp?) through, although I don't know if that was inside and the OG was not catching it.

    So there are things to work on.

    We might get Waters starting next week and even with that it might take a game or two before he knocks the rust off after being off last year and all training camp/pre season.

    Leary is coming off the injury and missed time during preseason so he is still basically a rookie and learning.

    But what I seen is very promising and even during the bad spots it was still much better than what was going out there on a regular basis last year.
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    Oline was good. G-men have a great front, even the vaunted Patriots oline with the QB who apparently never gets hit was sacked twice.

    Throw the ball enough times and eventually someone will get to you. Bernardeau is below average though, the fact he knows he's about to be replaced couldn't have helped either.
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    solid enough considering that dline. i think waters is going to make a massive difference
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    Watkins view is that Free was just knocked down on the play where Romo was hurt. The guy was engaged with another player and the Giants player took a running start and knocked him over. I don't know what more Free could have done.
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    I was going to post the same thing. He makes it sound like Free lost a one on one battle with a linebacker. He was already engaged, and then blindsided. I can't think of many guys who would have stayed on their feet there.
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    Waters is the key, he will be the missing link to take to O-line to the next level of play.
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    I hope you are correct
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    Waters is rusty, I would not put the GREAT beside his name just yet. However, KC will be a pretty good test for him.:D
  10. dallasdave

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    I totally agree that Waters will have some rust, but he will get better each week. Also, Waters is better rusty than the other guards on the team fully lubricated. Waters will do something no one else has done and that is provide (pro bowl) veteran leadership, which makes our young players like Smith, Livings, and Leary much better players.;)

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