Twitter: Cowboys OTA Media Tweetcap - 06/02/14

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    Jon Machota ‏@********** 5m
    • Tony Romo running sprints as the rest of the team stretches.
    • No helmet for TE Gavin Escobar today.
    • Cowboys DE Jeremy Mincey also working off to the side with a trainer.
    • Cowboys doing team drills. Tony Romo not participating. Brandon Weeden working with first team.
    • First-team defensive line: Crawford, McClain, Bishop and Lawrence.
    • No pads, but guys still going hard. An occasional "get in the f----in huddle" being thrown around.
    • Kyle Wilber lining up as the left defensive end in the nickel package.
    • Jason Garrett had offense go for it on fourth down from own 30 during final play of Monday's OTA. Defense got a stop.

    DeMarco Murray


    Jason Garrett watching DeMarco Murray

    Romo throwing to Dez


    Brandon George ‏@DMN_George 18s
    • Don't see LB DeVonte Holloman at start of OTAs today at Valley Ranch. Also, LB Cameron Lawrence not practicing.
    • Dallas Cowboys DT Amobi Okoye now wearing No. 76, and DT Davon Coleman is now No. 60. Okoye still not practicing.
    • Dallas Cowboys coach Jason Garrett spending a lot of time watching the linebackers at OTAs today ... For good reason.
    • Dallas Cowboys have Dontavis Sapp at second-team MLB today for OTAs.

    Here are your Dallas Cowboys LBs at OTAs today:[​IMG]

    Todd Archer ‏@toddarcher 4m
    • Back for more OTAs. Romo not doing the early dynamic stretching. He did last week
    • Romo has his helmet going through pat and go now
    • Gavin Escobar not practicing. Jason Witten not here. Only 2 tight ends for the OTA - James Hanna, Jordan Najvar
    • Amobi Okoye on the field for practice. Not sure how much he will do.
    • Check that. Amobi Okoye is not on the field. Davon Coleman has switched numbers. Now wearing 60.
    • Dwayne Harris running routes on the side.
    • Mo Claiborne going thru team drills. He didn't do that last week
    • Just finished 7-on-7 work. Lance Dunbar was the star. The 2d team D couldn't defend the RB
    • First team nickel D gets a fourth down stop in 2 minute drill
    • Second team D gets a fourth down stop too.

    Calvin Watkins ‏@calvinwatkins 19s
    • Justin Durant is here working. Missed a day last week with hamstring issues.
    • Cameron Lawrence is watching from the side.
    • L'Damian Washington is missing today's session.
    • Darrion Weems missing today's session.
    • Nick Hayden and Jeremy Mincey not working today.
    • Jason Witten is here but hasn't left trainers room yet.
    • Ben Gardner with a tight quad. He's missing today's session.
    • Brandon Weeden getting 1-team reps at QB and Ronald Leary is at LG.
    • With Nick Hayden out, Ken Bishop takes his spot at 1-technique.

    One of the new video guys for the Cowboys with long hair.


    Dez Bryant catching passes from JUGGS machine.

    Bryan Broaddus ‏@BryanBroaddus 12s
    • Holloman is on the cords today with Britt Brown so have to believe he will be back this week.
    • Escobar looks like a no go as well.
    • Sore hamstring for Matt Johnson. Working on side as well.
    • Witten just arrived on the field. Looks like he will practice today. Just running behind.
    • Been told that Escobar is missing today with a quad bruise.
    • Defense opened in nickel with Mo Claiborne at right CB.
    • Justin Durant opens as the starter at Mike with Carter and Wilber.
    • Tyronne Green working at center like we talked about last week. He and Bernadeau trading reps at C and OG

    @Thomaserb: @BryanBroaddus How's the big dude,J.C. Copland looking?”


    @DezBryant visiting with L'Damian Washington between drills. Right arm in a sling.


    • Ben Gardner isn't out here, I just noticed. On the bike in the weight room.
    • LaRon Byrd was just down on the ground in some obvious pain. Missed what happened but team doctor is looking at his head.
    • Byrd is back watching practice w. his helmet on. So I guess it wasn't too bad.
    • Melton* has been doing individual work but sits out for team period. Not all the way back yet RT @CROB_22 where's melvin?
    • Nice PBU by Diurant on Witten is probably the highlight of the final team portion. Practice just about wrapped up.

    Charean Williams ‏@NFLCharean 50s
    • Jason Witten is watching practice from indoors. Mincey, and Henderson are among those working on the side.
    • Joseph Randle not here. Escobar is here but not practicing.

    Clarence Hill ‏@clarencehilljr 1m
    • Justin Durant went out first at the mike during team drills before giving way to hitchens
    • Nickel linebackers were Durant and carter


    Practice over.. No more updates.
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    Awesome. .so refreshing to see we've figured out those pesky hamstring issues
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    guess they need to add some more ballet bars...looks like a couple of sore hamstrings on folks.
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    Wow..does anybody in this organization know how to train?
  5. iowast8rs

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    Matt Johnson!
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    Sore hamstring for Matt Johnson. Working on side as well.

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    Here we go again with the hammies...see if the bars can help get them ready with no issues by TC.
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    Romo looks fat... Jk
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    As soon as I read tweets on the DC website I was like I have too go into the zone lol
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    my reaction to all those tweets..

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    *Practice Over*
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    I think Durant is the sleeper to take over for Lee.
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    I think he's the favorite. It's him vs Hitchens for MLB. Wilber vs Holloman for SLB. And Carter has been handed WLB.
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    Its almost sad that his injuries are so laughable.
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    He's the front runner, isn't he?
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    I wonder if he can play MLB? That might make it riveting.
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    Joke of the Nation.
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