Twitter: Cowboys paying close attn to Terrell Suggs new deal...which runs thru 2018

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by WoodysGirl, Feb 17, 2014.

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    That is a win-win contract that Dallas needs to model after, they not gonna cut Ware so make it easier to keep him.
  2. Texan_Eph89

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    We have no interest in signing Suggs, the team was keeping their eyes on it so they can use it as a benchmark for Ware's contract.

    If Suggs can take a team friendly deal, so can Ware (as in taking a pay cut).
  3. Oh_Canada

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    You mean Jerrah isn't the only GM who restructures? That Newsome guy must be a foolish-never-won-anything-on-his-own-idiot just like Jones.
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    i agree. if he wants to test free agency after we release him we can still make him an offer he can refuse. nice average salary one year deal. 4.5 mil
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  5. JackWagon

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    Paying him more money definately isn't going to motivate him ... Anyone over 27 or 28 needs to be gone from this team.
  6. dstovall5

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    It's dumb enough to compare QBs by rings, but comparing freaking d-linemen by rings? Sorry, that's just freaking asinine, Suggs was not the reason they won that Super Bowl, his team was. Put Ware on that same team in 2012, and you'd still have the same outcome, and besides, it wasn't like Suggs was dominating. There's a reason football is widely known as the ultimate team sport, because to be successful your whole team has to perform well, not just 1 phase or player.
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  7. bbailey423

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    Except for the small fact that Suggs has been the DPOY. Suggs has been a major contrbutor on a team that has made multiple Super Bowl runs. Is it too much to ask for a team to make ONE Super Bowl run in 18 years? The Lions, Redskins and Cowboys are the ONLY teams that have not played in a NFC championship game in the last 18 years. So that proves the NFL is built for every team to at least make a run.

    Ware has been a highly paid "leader" of this lockeroom when the team quit on Wade.....when Marty B was explaining how a fried chicken eating contest would be great for his version of the Olympics...when Spencer admitted he dogged it in practice and film study....when Kevin Olgletree was still being told where to lineup after 4 years in Dallas. I could go on and on...but my point is as follows: this era of Cowboy football is EASILY forgetable. Why? Because in spite of all the smoke and mirrors Jerry puts in front of us...REAL Cowboy fans can see right through the rotting carcas that has become the Dallas Cowboys. And as far as I am concerned...NONE of them are untouchable.

    Of course football is a team sport...but your "best" and highest paid have to lead AND produce. And he has never led...and when I think back to the last 3 years when we needed to win ONE...ONE more game to make the playoffs...I cannot recall him making a play on 3rd OR 4th down to get us that win in a winner take all game. So sure he has piled up a lot of sacks...and they have led to a pile of..........
  8. casmith07

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    Suggs spent a lot of that season out with a torn achilles, too.
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  9. GimmeTheBall!

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    Yes, the team has no interest and that is good.
    Yes, his deal was being seen as a benchmark. I got dat.
    And yes, Ware needs to learn the reality of his age, declining productivity and how his salary affects the team, a team largely of 2nd-tier players (especially defense).

    But thanks for the assist.
  10. bkight13

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    He also had Ray Lewis, Ed Reed, Ngata and other Top guys playing next to him. You don't have to bash Ware to praise Suggs. Both have been outstanding pass rushers. Ware should get a very similar deal.
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  11. Hoofbite

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    4-year contract extension?
  12. bbailey423

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    I agree. And I also did not bash Ware. I stated the facts of what this team has done on the field since he has been here. I stated the facts on where he is these days productivity wise. And I simply stated that he should take a paycut or get cut. Rewarding players for not producing is what is wrong with the culture in Dallas...that is all I stated.
  13. bkight13

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    It doesn't have to be Ware's job to perform and lead. He is more of a lead by example guy than a Ray Lewis. For all the problems in Dallas, Ware hasn't been one. What he might produce in the future is up for debate, but his past performance isn't.
  14. bbailey423

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    the NFL is like no other sport in this regard....if you are not producing...your days on the team are numbered. That is pretty much true for every position EXCEPT QB. But even they get cut (see Peyton Manning). This is not about whether or not he is a great guy, great ambassador, sells's about his impact on wins and losses. And the salary he is scheduled to make...combined with his age, performance and growing injury concerns make him a cap casualty if he does not take a pay cut.
  15. Next Years Champ

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    Ware is to me the wrong guy to lead this defense.

    I want somebody meaner..healthier and more action and less pampering.

    Ware has not got the intangibles I'd be looking for in a team leader.


    The Cowboys have designed their schemes since his arrival to feature his skills.

    At a cost of not getting or paying for much help.

    Spencer was another guy designed to complement Ware and did so for only a single season before his injury.

    Ratliff was nothing as far as draft picks or any other investment and he too dramatically prospered from the schemes.

    Hatcher this past season was only visible because Ratliff was gone, Spencer was gone and Ware was gone for half the season.

    So all these guys are in for a rude awakening going forward.

    Ratliff is already in trouble with the Bears as they are not going to redo their schemes to address his skill sets.

    Watch and see.
  16. dirtycallahan

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    From an article today at overthecap

    Dallas’ reputation is to spend, spend, and spend more to keep as many players in a Cowboys uniform as long as possible. While the Cowboys were tougher on G Doug Free and CB Orlando Scandrick last year, neither were star players. Ware’s people know that Dallas will not find an equivalent player to Ware for $12.75 million and they have a contract that has 4 years to dump prorated charges into because Dallas has already added two voidable contract years to his deal. From their perspective the fair thing (and expected thing) is to simply restructure Ware’s contract yet again for cap relief and then touch on the contract next year when Ware has just one year left.

    Suggs’ deal is one that can make both sides happy. Suggs gets a raise in 2014 and a guaranteed roster spot in 2015. For the Cowboys to be happy Ware is going to have to take a paycut, at least on paper, to really make the numbers work. Dallas’ job over the next few weeks is to drill home the point that if Ware is released his salary will end up being closer to that of Suggs, meaning at most $18-$20 million over two years. To make it work Dallas will need to pay Ware more real cash in 2014 and find a way to make the numbers cap friendly. Here is one suggested structure that might meet the framework of the Suggs deal: ..........
  17. RonSpringsdaman20

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    I love you ware… but I hope you get cut….
  18. bkight13

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    Ware should get the exact same deal, 2yrs 16m guaranteed.

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