Cowboys practice report: Day 2

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    OXNARD, Calif. -- Here's the Day 2 practice report from Cowboys training camp:

    *The early portions of practice saw several members of the offensive line get pushed to the ground on running plays. We're not talking about the third unit here, the first-and-second teams got knocked around by the Cowboys defense. During a DeMarco Murray run, four linemen hit the ground and two more on the next play, prompting one of the coaches to yell, "Gotta stay up." As the practice moved on the linemen, especially the interior of the line got better. However, coach Jason Garrett benched the first-team line after center Travis Frederick botched a snap to Tony Romo. When the line returned a few plays later, another coach yelled, "welcome back."

    *One team official said it's early, but after two days of practices, tackle Jermey Parnell is struggling. Last season he shared snaps with Doug Free at right tackle. While Free is having a solid two days of camp, Parnell looks slow getting off the ball and is having trouble defending Kyle Wilber off the edge. Ben Bass, a defensive tackle, slid past Parnell for a sack and he missed a block on a screen pass to Dwayne Harris.

    *Rookie wide receiver Terrance Williams got snaps with the first and second team units on Monday and was inconsistent. He was wide open when he dropped pass from Tony Romo. Someone from the sidelines yelled at Williams for dropping the ball. Williams also dropped a pass on Sunday.

    *DeMarcus Ware had three sacks on Monday and is displaying power, speed and well, he's just all over the field. He doesn't appear to have any problems in his shoulder, which was operated on in the offseason.
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    Best part was when Jason said, "that's how you lose." Good for him.
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    Jerry just doesn't know how to build an offensive line.
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    Here’s what stood out from Day 2 of Dallas Cowboys’ training camp practices Monday in Oxnard, Calif.:

    – The crowd size on Day 2 of Cowboys practice was only a third of what it was on Day 1 with 2,331 fans.

    – For the second consecutive practice, CB Brandon Carr was beat in coverage on the first play of team drills in the afternoon practice. On Day 1, WR Dez Bryant beat Carr and on Monday, it was Austin who beat Carr across the field for a big gain.

    – DE DeMarcus Ware continues to be really active. He had two would-be sacks of Tony Romo in team drills and has looked quick the first two days of practices.

    – On the flip side, LT Tyron Smith struggled Monday. Ware beat him twice for sacks and Smith also had a false start in team drills.

    – Early in team drills, new defensive coordinator Monte Kiffin was fired up as he yelled, “We need 11 guys to the ball.”

    – RB Phillip Tanner made a good cut back up the middle and showed great burst for a big gain into the open field.

    – Cowboys reserves DT Nick Hayden, LB Ernie Sims and DT Jerome Long each stuffed a running back at the line of scrimmage on three consecutive plays in team drills that would have went for no gain. RB Phillip Tanner was stopped the first time and then RB Lance Dunbar was stopped on back-to-back attempts.

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    Of course Tyron is going to struggle against D Ware, there isn't a LT in the league that wouldn't. Much like the Claiborne versus Dez matchup, these are game reps everyday in practice. Tyron is better for it.
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    "Allen appears to be the safety with range the Cowboys have been looking for the last couple of years."

    Words cannot express.........I hope and pray this is so and he's the real deal.
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    They may want to take note that Day 1 of practice was on a weekend vs the Day 2 Monday.
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    "Free is having a solid two days of camp"

    I'd rather hear about a solid 16 games of season instead.
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    Um, duh.
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    Well yea, but I wouldnt count on it lol
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    Right! After all, who is he going up against since Spencer is out.
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    If this offensive line stays the same, without any roster moves, Romo, Murray or both will get injured early in the season. It's a shame that they have to play behind such garbage on that line.
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    When I hear good news from the O-line, I'll be happy. Otherwise it sure does feel like another 8-8 season is coming.
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    There have been several positive reports about Free and Frederick. People need to realize that the OLine is at a serious disadvantage without pads.
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    Don't take these reports too seriously.

    1. They're not in full pads. There are rules that limit what they can do when not in full pads.

    2. Sometimes players are trying out new techniques. It's like a golfer making changes his swing on the driving range that he wouldn't make when playing in a tournament.
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    Im not excited about the O Line at all but the D Line has an advantage for about the first few weeks of training camp.

    Especially when there is no pads.

    Any Oline report right now is pretty much garbage unless you're hearing about someones athleticism / footwork.

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