Cowboys reach 6 year deal with Romo

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by ThrowuptheXDez88, Mar 29, 2013.

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    Guys...that wasn't a case of Tony forcing a ball downfield into coverage, or scrambling around trying to make something out of nothing. I'm convinced he never saw the ROLB in the flat. If you want to argue he should have done so be my guest, as long as you acknowledge the fact that Romo had to make his decision in a split second as a large (and angry) Skins ILB was bearing down on him. :cool:
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    The LB made a great play in that situation. But I'd argue that the pass was too flat given that Tony didn't have the time or visibility to know whether Murray was covered or not. That ball should have been dropped over the possible coverage, or it should have been thrown away.

    I agree that he never saw the LB. He said so expressly after the game, iirc. That happens in this league. And it happens more when you're coverage isn't great. But at some point protecting the ball is more important than taking a chance on an outlet pass when you're under pressure.

    All that said, I'm obviously a huge Romo fan. I love that he extends drives doing this sort of thing, and I understand that the mistakes are going to happen when you live by the sword like that. I'm ok with it; it's just that you have to make positive plays much more often than the negative ones if you're going to take those kinds of chances. Tony does a decent job of this, but it's the primary area he needs to improve if he's going to continue to get better as a player.
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    That's just simply not true. If Romo was a free agent he potentially gets a bigger deal...why? Because many teams would be bidding for him.

    Romo is viewed more highly outside the organization than inside it...which is a shame.
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    If Bailey makes that kick against Baltimore, we're in the playoffs. If Dez gets his fingers inbounds against New York, we're in the playoffs (although that was still a fantastic noncatch by Dez). If the defense doesn't let us down after a fourth-quarter drive on numerous occasions, we're in the playoff.

    Tony Romo isn't that different from the quarterback who led Dallas to a 13-3 season. In fact, he's a better overall QB. The difference is that the defense was playing well that year and the offensive line had its best year in a long time. Then came the playoffs, the offensive line failed to protect Romo, receivers made crucial mistakes, the defense had a couple of major letdowns and Dallas was done. Such is the nature of a team game.
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    I disagree, the prices for QB's are going up and up with every contract.

    Just wait until Russel Wilson and Kaepernick and RG3 sign their contracts...

    Also when has Romo ever had a bad season statistically? I mean come on, he always is putting up great numbers with players that untimely fail around him.
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    It's not 6 more years! Keep up, girl!!

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    Must be nice to just have money to throw away because that's just what JJ is doing here.
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    Hey look, another fortune teller.

    You fortune tellers/so called prophets sure are a rip off.
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    Teflon Tony Romo. In his fans eyes its everybody else's fault. Sorry but bad contract.
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    Seriously, you cant even critique any part of his game before they start calling for you to root for another team, jump off bridges, or compare you to a teenage female (sup, frozen);)
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    There's plenty of debate in this thread re: what's Tony's fault and what's not. Not sure what you guys are reading.

    If you get blowback on the topic of Tony Romo, it probably has more to do with your approach and the consistency of your arguments than it does with any form of hero worship. He's a very good player, but he's far from perfect.
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    If you say so. The issue that I see with his TOs are twofold. First when he doesn't keep the ball up high and in two hands or doesn't tuck the ball away when he moves. He had major issues with that before but since then it hasn't really come back.

    The other thing I see him do and has done since his rookie year (see: BUF game) is him not seeing LBers playing shallow zones. He consistently throws intermediate routes on ropes which allows the LB to get under them.

    I am not even sure what you are talking about tbh. Just seems some nebulous notion of him trying too hard. His QB rating when scrambling speaks for itself.

    On a final note: as for QBR, there is a reason why it is used by nobody outside of ESPN. 'Clutch rating' used in a stat is a joke.
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    Funny how some people act like no other QBs make mistakes and throws untimely INT. Romo is exception, like others he makes mistakes, it happens, even the great QBs make mistakes, it happens.
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    Its a bad contract for Cowboys but its done so only thing left is for Romo to produce when it matters.
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    I find it interesting that most of the criticism over the contract is coming from the fans. I dont see any reports or even rumors that any coaches, GMs, or scouts from other teams think this is a bad contract.

    The only thing I have ever heard was when the story broke that an "AFC offensive coordinator" said his team would make Romo the highest paid QB in the NFL if he was a free agent. It was rumored it was the OC from Buffalo saying this.

    If anybody has come across any other statements by anybody affiliated with another team that says this is a bad contract, please share. I have not come across any myself.

    Just saying.
  17. gimmesix

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    Talking heads were so desperate for anyone affiliated with an NFL team to criticize the deal, they ran wild with McNabb's tweet.

    Other than that, all I've seen are positive remarks (from players), which I'm sure is driving the sensationalists in the media crazy.
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    You cannot know that. What better QBs have hit the market in the last 10 years?

    Manning and Brees are the only two that come to mind. They both got record deals.

    I really wish people would stop talking of supposition as fact. You don't know and that is okay.
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    It assures that the rating remains the property of ESPN, too. Which was the whole point.

    It was supposed to revolutionize QB metrics, but ESPN's QB rating doesn't have any significantly higher correlation to winning than traditional passer rating. So you don't have to rely on ESPN for a meaningful QB stat (which was their whole reason for coming up with their own formula), you can just do your own calculations with the old passer rating formula and you'll get a stat that's just as valid.
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    Lol....if the shoe fits...:D

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