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Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by Compacity, Mar 13, 2005.

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    I believe that La'Roi Glover/next year second will be possibly traded for a Minnesota Vikings 7th pick and a 3rd Round possibilty...I see the Cowboys signing Chris Hovan...I think that a second round will be trade for Darren Howard

    7th: Mike Williams - WR- USC
    11th: Traded Down to Carolina for the panthers 14th and 3rd Round
    14th: Shawne Merriman - LB - Maryland
    20th: Alex Barron- OT- Florida State
    3rd Round: Ryan Claridge- LB- UNLV
    3rd Round: Chris Canty- DE- Virginia
    4th Round: Jerome Mathis- WR- Hampton
    ^Is going to be the kick returner likely^
  2. Matt

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    how do we get 4 first round picks?
  3. dstew60105

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    Don't quit your day job. You are dreaming.
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    What ever you're smokin hook me up dude. :rolleyes:
  5. Avery

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    It's actually three first round picks. He states that we trade down from the #11 to the #14.

    The Vikings would have no business with Glover since they have Pat Williams and Kevin Williams in the middle.

    Everyone is so anxious to get rid of arguably our best defensive player. Chris Hovan was benched by the Vikes so I don't think he's a good replacement for Glover.

    If you have a hole, you find a way to fill it without digging another hole. Though you may fill up the first hole, you've got another one to take care of now.
  6. Hiero

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    LOL this is supposed to be realistic? more like a dream draft, the trade for the #7 pick thats pretty outrageous.
  7. zorg222

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    We didn't. We traded(in this mock) our #11 to Carolina for the #14 pick.

    Dream draft, I wouldn't mind it though. I especially like the 4th rounder with Jerome Mathis, that guy is BLAZING fast.

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