Cowboys sign nine to reserve future contracts

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by WoodysGirl, Jan 7, 2013.

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    Jan 7
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    By Calvin Watkins |

    Wide receiver Anthony Armstrong, who spent some time with the team this season before getting released, will get another look. Tight end Colin Cochart, who was claimed off waivers before getting cut in September, was also brought back.

    Wide receiver Carlton Mitchell, who has three career catches, all with the Cleveland Browns, guard Ray Dominguez, wide receiver Jared Green, long snapper Charley Hughlett, linebacker Cameron Sheffield, tackle Aderious Simmons and cornerback Brandon Underwood were also picked up.

  2. links18

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    No Andre Holmes? :lmao2:
  3. Mr Cowboy

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    Hughlett got some talk as LaDouceur's successor last TC.
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    Do these players get a bonus, or do they get a per diem?
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    Really liked Carlton Mitchell as a raw sleeper when he was coming out of the draft. 6'3" 215 who runs a 4.4-4.5 and is a competitive guy who likes football, but needed a couple of years to learn proper technique in catching and route running.

    Cowboys seem to be taking the lead in the NFL on these reserve futures guys, and it's a good move. Even if one or two just become replacement level players, they're good bang for the buck against the cap.
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    Ray Dominguez is the name that intrigues me.

    Anyone know more about him?
  8. junk

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    Agree. Also kind of like Sheffield.
  9. yimyammer

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    He could only fall that far, because he was built up so much. :(
  11. yimyammer

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    Jer gonna do, what Jer do
  12. LittleD

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    A WR showing up for camp and can't pass the running test tells the tale. He didn't seem to improve during the year and Jones now looks silly for all his pontificating... No "Championship" here...
  13. Venger

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    Also known as stupid is as stupid does...
  14. cowboyeric8

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    From 0-60 most threads turn into a bash Jerry/Cowboys fest.
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    Never fails!!!
  16. 5Stars

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    Don't leave out Romo!

    You are not a real Cowboy fan if you don't include him!


    Get with the program!
  17. mortboy

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    This could also mean that they offered Holmes a contract but he didn't take it. I think the same thing happened with Amendola. Not saying he will turn out like Amendola, just saying Amendola opted to not sign it so that he could sign with another team. Holmes may be testing the water.
  18. mortboy

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    I'll throw in a Costa and up the ante with a Doug Free.
  19. Plankton

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    I like the Carlton Mitchell and Cameron Sheffield signings - both players have a good deal of upside (Sheffield is from Troy U, like another OLB we all know and love), and represent good additions. Underwood has some talent, but a bit sketchy on the character side. No risk on his signing.

    Only concern with Sheffield is that he had a neck issue with Kansas City a couple of years ago.
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    I would love it if there was a JerryZone and all Jerry related posts were required to be posted there.

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