News: Cowboys Stephen Jones on cap hit: "It's not going to stop us from .."

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    ByDavid Moore / Reporter | Bio

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    The NFL has shaved $10 million off the Cowboys salary cap the next two seasons.
    The impact hasn't been evident in the first few hours of free agency. The Cowboys have already signed five players and intend to sign several more.

    "First of all, the No. 1 thing we always try to be in a position to do, regardless of the situation, is do the things we need to do to make us a better football team for the upcoming season,'' said Stephen Jones, the club's chief operating officer. "Obviously, getting the cap hit, you have to deal with it and the ramifications of that but it's not going to stop us from being able to do the things we have to do to be a championship caliber football team in 2012.''
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    Good call, Stephen . . . evidently, he wasn't kidding!!

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