Cowboys still have hopes disappointing Claborne can be a top cornerback but time is running out

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by RS12, May 17, 2014.

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    Mo Claiborne is going to be a bust. I remember watching his videos in college and he was never watched a top-end receiver. He also doesn't have great speed and agility to make those quick cutbacks to the ball. He is also a terrible tackler which spells disaster for a tampa 2 style corner. I don't know who hyped him up. he sure isn't Deion and whoever did, probably played a large chunk of cash in Vegas that Dallas was going to take him; and made sure that we did. Unfortunately, I don't see much upside with Claiborne at all.
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    What gives me encouragement regarding Mo is that you keep hearing that he is working to get stronger...I believe that he has the talent to be very successful in the NFL...I believe he has the right coaches...he has been injured (not an excuse), and he has had two different schemes to learn (not an excuse)....time to put up or shut...I think he puts up this season and turns out to be solid...people have to get the "but we traded our 2nd rounder to get him, why isn't he a stud" mentality and stow is not his fault that the team gave away that resource to get him...he does not have to make up for a 2nd rounder that was given away, he needs to get on the field and earn a starting gig...
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    Sounds like he put in some good off season work, that can make a difference. He's at the plate with 2 strikes in my book.
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    Your making a big leap when you say it's a fact that he's a bust. He may be a bust and he might just have a big learning curve with the time he's missed and switching defenses but I have no doubt that he will most likely never play good enough for anyone to say it was a good trade. That kind of talk is good for puttin some pressure on him though which is another reason he might not be just talking unicorns and rainbows.
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    Bobby Wagner, Janoris Jenkins, Corey Glenn, Alshon Jeffrey, Zach Brown, Lavonte David, Rueben Randle were all drafted in round two. Are you saying that picking up an epic first round bust (Weeden) justifies our pickinf of our own epic first round bust (to this point) in Claiborne?
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    Jenkins, Glenn, and Jeffrey were all gone before Dallas would have picked. Randle isn't anything special. As for Wagner, Brown and David I don't believe linebacker was a top priority for Dallas in the 2012 draft since they gave up so much to get Claiborne. Not to say they wouldn't have possibly drafted them if they were available, but plenty of other teams passed over them also.
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    Claiborne was the best CB prospect since Deion????
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    Scouting team is pathetic and should be purged from Valley Ranch. They need to grow a pair and tell Jerry, NO.
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    I think it is clear that whoever scouted Claiborne gilded the lilly. I never saw anything that made me think he was in the same GALAXY as Deion.
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    He was never worth giving up a first and second rounder to move up. Just another instance of Jerry wanting attention and looking bold blowing up in our faces.
  11. big dog cowboy

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    That statement alone leads me to believe Mo is in a better place to begin training camp than he has ever been.
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    I don't think Claiborne can be labeled a bust yet. But I don't think he will ever be the elite corner that justified the cost of landing him.

    I hate when the team burns draft picks to move up. I didn't like it when they did it to get Dez (glad to be wrong about that), didn't like it to get Mo, and didn't like it this year either.

    And its not just the Cowboys who are making these types of mistakes in my opinion--Washington did it to get RGIII, Atlanta did it to get Julio, the Bills did it this year to get watkins.

    At any rate, Brockers and Wagner (Jerry said they would have been the picks in lieu of the Claiborne pick) looks infinitely more preferable for this defense now than Claiborne.

    But standing pat and following a well-constructed and research board is anathema to Jones. My cynical guess is that doing so simply bores him. He doesn't put the board together, so he feels left out unless he's wheeling and dealing on draft day. After all, he's a businessman, not a NFL general manager.
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    You completely missed the point. There were a couple players that have hit, but a lot that haven't, including 1st rounders like Weeden. All picks have potential for missing. We needed a CB and aggressively went up to get the best one on the board. I have no problem with it. And starting for 2 years is not an 'epic' bust. Not making the team and being out of the league is a bust. People need to calm down with the hyperbole.
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  15. CowboyFan74

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    This is year 3 in a 4-5 year deal....
  16. CowboysYanksLakers

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    Jimmy Johnson and Bill Parcells both said by year three...
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  18. Avenger

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    3rd year, 3rd DC, lots of injuries. He's had plenty of help becoming a "bust".
  19. FuzzyLumpkins

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    Claiborne didn't play poorly. He was picked on by the Eagles his rookie year but it was Carr and Scandrick that were getting torched. Claiborne held his own when he was on the field.
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    Alston Jeffery got taken right there. I can't even begin to imagine having both Dez and Jeffery out there.
    Soon after was Bobby Wagner

    Oh the past.
    But I hated it then and still hate it.

    At this point, I just hope Claiborne turns out to at least halfway decent. It'd be hard to ever live up to the value that we spent to acquire him.
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