Featured Cowboys Training Camp Report: Oxnard

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by IAmLegend, Aug 3, 2013.

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    Alright fellow Zoners,

    Attended training camp yesterday. Thought I'd do a little write up on some of the things I noticed. If I say or repeat some of the things that others have already said, just bare with me.

    First and foremost, great turnout yesterday. Camp was packed and the fans were all cheering. I live in LA so it's only about an hour drive for me. I'm planning on going to another practice before TC is over too. The weather is perfect in Oxnard, a cool 70 degrees and sunny. Great football weather. But anyways, here we go:

    1) Offensive Tempo - This was the first thing I noticed: The offense is moving at a faster tempo, and I dig it. Everything is quick and smooth. They break the huddle and get up to the line in a hurry, and within a couple seconds the ball is hiked and out of Romo's hands in a heartbeat.

    2) Romo - Not much to report here, but he looks great. All his throws were on the money and he just looks fresh. He;s got that quick release too. He made a couple of really nice deep throws to Witten; Hit him in stride right on the money. Let's just hope the O-Line can keep him alive this season.

    3) Demarcus Ware - D-Ware looks like he's 26 again.. Seriously, I was impressed with how explosive he was off the snap and how smooth he looked. He went up against Tyrone Smith when I watched him, and I know it's not a game simulation, but he was so quick off the ball it looked like he definitely would've gotten some sacks had he been allowed to. Ware just looks great, and finally healthy. Hope he holds up over the season.

    4) O-Line - Well, they were about what I expected: Not great, but not as bad as some of the reports I had read previously either. I thought T. Smith looked pretty good, although like I said, Ware just looked quicker than him the few snaps I saw them go against one another. Also, did I miss something or is Doug free hurt? He didn't dress out in pads or run drills yesterday, just jogged laps around the practice field while the other O-Linemen were going through drills.

    5) Gavin Escobar - He's huge! I mean I know he's tall, but once you see him in person you realize how big the guy is. I'm pretty tall and he makes me feel short. And he's a solid 250 lbs. But, most importantly, I liked what I saw from him a lot. He's more athletic than he gets credit for. He runs smooth and he snagged every ball that I saw thrown to him. I wasn't crazy about the pick when we drafted him in the 2nd round, but I'm starting to see why the Cowboys liked him so much. I think he could be a really good player. Also, he seemed to have good rapport with Romo. I saw them, along with Witten, all joking around together for a while.

    6) Terrance Williams - I spent a lot of time watching the receivers and tight ends. Terrance looked really good physically, as he was exploding out of cuts to catch the ball. But, he dropped a couple passes that should've been easy catches. Hopefully that isn't an issue during the season. He's a big kid with high upside though. I thought he looked good overall.

    7) Secondary - Not a lot of notes here cause I only watched them for a few minutes but... Mo Claiborne: I thought he looked good yesterday from what I saw. He just looks athletic and fluid in his movements out there, and you could see his natural ballhawking ability when they were running interception drills. He goes up and gets it like a WR. I really hope he has a big year for us. Also, I thought J.J. Wilcox looked really good going up and getting the ball as well. He's more athletic than I realized and shows good awareness from what I saw. He's definitely off to a good start at TC. I was hoping to see more of Matt Johnson, but I didn't really get to other than the few reps he took and didn't see much.

    8) Dez - Naturally, I watched Dez the most cause he's my favorite player, but he was the most impressive of the WR's. As to be expected. He caught every pass thrown at him, and made one great snag during a receiving drill where Coach Dooley threw a bad ball and Dez extended and made a one handed catch with his right hand (he's left-handed). It was pretty impressive. He also looked really loose and was having a good time out there. I expect another big year from Dez. Glad he's on our team.

    -Didn't get to meet any of the players other than Cameron Lawrence, who I didn't know much about. He was signing some autographs after practice, along with Ware, but there were so many people so I didn't wait around. I plan on going to another practice before TC ends so I might add some notes to this thread. Overall, they looked good though and I pumped for this season. Can't get here soon enough!

    -Here are some videos and pics I took yesterday. I got a True Blue pass so I could get a little closer. Enjoy :)











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    Thanks for sharing the write-up!
  3. burmafrd

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    what did you notice as regards the interior O line?
  4. IAmLegend

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    Honestly I didn't see much of the interior O-Line, just a little when I watched D-Ware go after Smith. However, I did watch Travis Frederick for a couple snaps and he actually looked pretty impressive. He's a really strong dude. He just straight overpowered the DT he was lined up against from what I saw. He gets low in his stance and just drives.
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    Awesome post man. Thanks for sharing.
  6. dargonking999

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    So what you're saying is that you had a good time?

    But thanks for the write-up its always good to hear fan's comments on the teams and what they see.
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    I need Dez's calf routine ASAP.
  8. CrazyCowboy

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    Great job on this report......loved the video.....thank you!

  9. dmq

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    T Williams better learn how to catch the ball or he isn't going to see the field for long. Love what I'm hearing about Frederick, Escobar and Wilcox. Excellent report. Thanks!
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    So you must have bought the true blue, because I dont see chain link fence in any photos.

    I liked the pick from the word go, and I am all about them needing help in the trenches.

    It can only help going against the best in the business every day. Maybe that is the reason some have said he struggled because of who he is against. I still think T Smith will be just fine.
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    Great report thanks!! I think I'm most jealous about the weather :)
  12. dcstands4

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    Not to knock anyone else write ups but I think you gave one of the best write up from camp, with the vidz and picz...good stuff
  13. SDCowboy85

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    Most reports indicate the guy has been fantastic for a rookie so far. Of course he's going to have the occasional drop.
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    Question, is the Oxnard facility repurposed during other parts of the year?
  15. RS12

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    It sits on a golf course and hotel complex. Before the economy went bad they were supposed to build housing on it, but that got canceled. It is actually in a residential area.
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    Absolutely..great job. Curious..what cam/vid setup did you use..it did pretty well. Great HD video..fun stuff..like to see the enthusiasm in the drills. This must be a dream come true for these guys that will not make the team. To get an opportunity to try to make the Cowboys must blow their minds..haha. Would me. I'd never sleep. Thanx again.
  17. Heelsboy

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    Thank you for this awesome report, pictures and video. I appreciate everyone who posts these.
  18. IAmLegend

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    I just used my iPhone 5 haha. I must admit it's a really good camera for a phone. As far as the players go, just to wear that star on their helmet has to be an unreal feeling, even if the don't make the team.
  19. IAmLegend

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  20. Redball Express

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    Really..I had an IPhone 4and it never looked that good..thanx a bunch.

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