Cowboys tried to trade up in first/ second round last night

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by Bowdown27, May 9, 2014.

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    A trade up to the top of the 2nd round would erase all the feel good I have for the Martin pick at 16.

    Now if it's a minor move up that costs us one of our half dozen 7th rounders, okay, but not a major move that forces us to give up something more substantial.
  2. jimnabby

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    Follow the board.
    If they're five picks away and there's only one guy left in their highest tier, by all means look for a fair trade up.
    If it's their pick and there are five guys left in their highest tier, by all means look for a fair trade down.
    I have a lot of trust in the Cowboys' ability to build good draft boards; not so much in their ability to stick to the process.
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  3. 1LoyalCowboyFan

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    Atlanta needs one bad. They might move up.
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  4. NJ22

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    I agree.
  5. 1LoyalCowboyFan

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    I like Jeremiah (Jerry) as well. Like a lot lol worries me not many do. Think he could be the pick if all are gone. Worst case scenario Crichton should be there but he wouldn't play WDE would he?
  6. 1LoyalCowboyFan

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    Lol okay so I'm not totally bonkers. Jeremiah is who I want too. But when boys didn't invite looked like no one considered him anymore.
  7. JoeyBoy718

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    If I read correctly, out of the remaining 2nd-round prospect DLmen, the only ones we brought in for a work out are:
    1) Jernigan
    2) Crichton
    3) Ealy
    4) Lawrence
    5) Kareem Martin

    There are 15 picks before us, so I think at least one of those guys will be available at 47. I think we'd be very upset if they all start to come off the board before we pick. If I was a betting man, which I am, I'd say our 2nd round pick will be one of these 5 guys.
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  8. 1LoyalCowboyFan

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    Huh wonder if it has legs
  9. Irvin88_4life

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    I wouldn't even mind a trade down. I agree don't trade up.
  10. Smith22

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    He speculated that it is a spinal type issue or something of the sorts.
  11. ABQcowboyJR

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    They didn't invite Ware either.
  12. CowboyFan74

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    We need 2 DL in the 2nd Round..

    ABQCOWBOY Moderator Staff Member

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    NFL League Office: Thank you for calling the NFL League Office, how may I direct your call?

    Caller: ~in a distinct Jerry voice~ Hello, can I speak to the draft Personnel Director for Medical?

    NFL League Office: Mr. Jones, is that you?

    Caller: Ohh... Auhh.... ~clears throat and changes voice to Northern Pacific speak~ Right on.... Ma'am, no this is not Mr. Jones. Can I speak to the Medical Director?

    NFL League Office: One moment Jerry...........

    NFL Medical Director: Mr. Jones, what can I do for you?

    Caller: Hello, this is not Jerry. This is Dan Weiden, you know, the owner of Nike and buku bucks supporter of Oregon Ducks Football! Boy did you see Johnny Football last night? Man that guy can really really play! Oh, uhhh, yes, is this the Medical Director of opperations for NFL Draft Personnel?

    NFL Medical Director: Yes sir Jerry, speaking.

    Caller: Good, that's real good..... Auhh, yes.... auhhh.... I'm so proud to be speaking with you... and auhhh.... I wanted to just inform the League office... auhhh, boy how bout that Johnny Football? Auhhh..... I'd like to just inform you that Scotty Chichenton, that DE in the... auhhhh... in the draft coming up just here directly.... auhhh.... yes, well, we'd like to report that Scotty has some medical issues that have just come to light. Now, we understand that he's a fine young man and we'd surely like to see him have a fine career here with the Dal....... auhhh...... in the NFL but we just feel like this information on the player in question needs to be widely circulated. Can you get a press conference set up ASAP? We'd like to just inform the League Office that Scotty has some medical issue that may effect his draft status. An let me just take this opportunity to complement you and the NFL on the fine job your doing.... Scotty has a problem with his foot, leg, back. How soon can you get this out to all the other teams around the League?

    NFL Medical Director: Jerry........ What are you trying to do here?

    Caller: ........................................................................................ (Stephen in the background) Daddy, what are you doin? Daddy.... hang up the phone.
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  14. 1LoyalCowboyFan

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    Lol points for the elaborate imagery
  15. ringmaster

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    Correct Idgit and there is Seferian-Jenkins, Amaro, and other TEs at play for the Falcons.
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  16. Fla Cowpoke

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    What about putting Selvie on the weak the preseason, there were a lot of people that thought he looked better there than he did on the strong side. Anyone agree?
  17. ceerrece

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    The only players worth trading up for, are Jernigan and Ealy, both have first round grades by most of analysts.
  18. BraveHeartFan

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    Exactly. There is no reason to get impatient and screw anything up.
  19. tideh20heel

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    Mickey also said before the other day had a so so senior bowl. I feel bad that those guys have to do radio shows with that clown.
  20. pancakeman

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    If he doesn't have legs, that seems like a medical issue that would be obvious to all.
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