Cowboys vs. Rams Video???

Discussion in 'Artwork Zone' started by PoetTree, Jan 2, 2006.

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    Hey, there...

    Just curious, does anyone have a video clip of Julius' one good run against the Rams (35 yards or something)? If so, I'd much appreciate a link. If not, well, get your butt out there and find me a link!

    Yeah... thanks....


    Peace and Love

    - PoetTree -
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    Im still looking for the cowboys panthers video the whole game :(
  3. calico

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    I will find time for the Panthers game, but I deleted the Rams game.
  4. TEK2000

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    I'll try and get some Rams game clips up tonight. Was just taking my time since we're in offseason now.
  5. TEK2000

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    Alright fellas.. here we go.

    Ware's sack

    Ware's tackle #1

    Ware's tackle #2

    Julius Jones 28yd run

    Keyshawn's long catch

    Terrence Newman punt return that was called back

    Keith Davis' hit/tackle for loss

    Ryan Fowler TFL #1

    Ryan Fowler TFL #2

    Jason Witten's TD (only replay angles.. my comp glitched during the original play angle.. sorry)

    All videos under 4MB.. most under 2MB.

    Also adding these clips to my collection at

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