Recap: Cowboys vs Redsk*ns Post Game Thread

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by WoodysGirl, Oct 13, 2013.

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    This is ridiculous, ... what were they supposed to do, offer to move it back to midfield so they could impress you and the "Zoners" with their TD's.

    Maybe the skins defense should have come on the field and stopped the Cowboys once or twice.

    It is the sign of a good performance if the special teams and defense give the offense the ball in good field position and then the offense capitalizes with 7.
  2. mldardy

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    No. The offense scored TDs when it needed to given the flow of the game. You aren't going to have 400+ yard games every game in the NFL. You have to win these types of games and they did.
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    Some people just aren't happy. I get the feeling he was more happy last week losing to the Broncos than this week winning against the Skins. We punched it in for 7 when we had the opportunities. The defense and special teams gave us some advantages which is what the good teams like the Saints, Seahawks, Niners, Pats, etc do.
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    My observations:

    1). We won. Ugly but I'll always be happy with a W. But....
    2). Our offense looked pretty bad and lacked creativity against a terrible Skin's defense. Very little production and unable to sustain drives except for the first one. Obviously the injury to Murray hurt our offensive plan, but I was still very disappointed in the offense considering the defense we were playing.
    3). I've grown very tired of the same players getting hurt all the time. Ware, Murray, Austin. Ware some what get a pass due to his past greatness, but Murray and Austin are same ole same. I know Austin didn't get hurt in THIS game, but he missed the previous two and was still MIA in this one.
    4). The defense wasn't great, but they were pretty good when it counted and they played with a lot of grit.
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    I see what you're saying, but, if we had started on the 3 yard line at the other end and didn't make it most folks would have said they should be able to overcome that, therefore, I will take the good field position, attribute it to good special teams play, and good defense, and take the points and attribute that to good offense. I dont see the point in picking and choosing what points are good and what points we arent worthy of. At the end of the day, we won that game by a good margin of victory and we got good enough play from all three phases to do it. I would love to see this team blowing people out, but that isnt realistic, especially against a division rival. Most people on this very board before this game were saying the record made little difference, and that it would be a very tough game to win, some were going so far as expecting the Redskins to win this game.
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    Well what do you know? They put two Man Coverage CB's in Man Coverage and our coverage was better. Hmmmm....Kiffin must have done a few crossword puzzles over the week and it stimulated his brain.
  7. EPL0c0

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    Agreed. Dallas had 3 drives that started at the WSH-15, WSH-15 and WSH-3. They scored TDs on all three drives.

    21pts, 33yds. The stats don't always tell the tale of what happened.
  8. jobberone

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    I think this is all good points.

    This is football. If you turn the ball over then you may give them a short field which Wash did. At least one of those TOs was forced and one of the best plays like that I've seen. Taking the ball out of your opponents hands like that is unusual like that. Taking advantage of it is kool, too. Think of it as a RZ exercise. This team in the past has worked the ball downfield then was unable to score TDs esp by running the ball into the EZ. That last running TD was the first time in awhile I've seen them drive the pile back. We've scored thru holes but we don't drive goal line fronts off the ball...but Leary, Fred and Waters did. Haven't looked up the RZ success but it should be high. So we won the offensive battle. Another note of significance is we played the blitz reasonably well. That's the first time in awhile we countered the blitz and Haslett is a master of it. Washington's had our number in that department recently.

    We beat the mess out of them in STs. Best ST performance you're likely to see anywhere for several games this year out of the entire league; maybe the rest of the year. And we were solid on defensive ST plays as well as offensive. People often think O and D and forget STs is a 1/3 of the game. Kudos to Garrett and Bisaccia and those players.

    A really significant positive on D was Kiffin and Henderson was their ability to recognize and switch to some press coverage. I haven't seen the All-22 to look at the formations but I'll bet there are some mixed zone coverages along with some underneath press coverage. They confused RG although I'll admit he's still mostly a one read guy now. They contained him well enough to stop the option and for the most part the scrambling. He had a poor game in that is was inconsistent with his accuracy. Some of that is on him and some is because we got decent pressure all night. We ended up with three sacks I believe. Again I've not looked at the stats yet so someone correct me if that's wrong. Don't know the pass defense efficiency but by eyeball we defended a fair number of passes last night. We did benefit from his inaccuracy but it's hard to divorce that from the constant harassment he got.

    Being called away so may put some thoughts up later in a separate thread.
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  9. WV Cowboy

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    I don't remember the last time our secondary contested every pass the way they did last night. RG3 had many good passes that were simply batted down or the catch was broken up by our secondary.

    That is aggressive. I would rather fail at being aggressive than succeed at being passive, .. which is letting them catch the ball and then go over and chase them down.
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    Good defense. Hatcher and Wilber and Lee were great.

    Rare game when your kick/punt returner gets more total yardage than your offense.

    RG3's legs looked all right, but some of his passes looked just plain weird.

    On to Philly!
  11. jobberone

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    Now that I'm back wanted to add I still love the swarming to the ball but I was disappointed in the tackling last night. Fortunately they did enough to win and they played reasonably well in the RZ.

    Some of the lack of production from the offense is from decreased offensive possessions.


    We had ten possessions and scored 2 offensive TDs and FGs. However the last two possessions were not designed to score as much as run the clock out particularly the last one. So that's a Scoring% of .50 which is very good. I do agree the offense was off track to varying degrees after an excellent first drive. Romo threw some ducks and I don't know what's up with that. My first thought is injury to see someone go from normal to abnormal but it could have been partly mechanical, mental, and pressured. One excellent pass for a TD to Miles was broken up by a very good defensive play and Romo had a Wow TD pass. Someone said ugly and I'd agree with that at times. If I can get to the All 22 I suspect some of that was pressure from being blitzed and as usual Haslett had it coming from all over the place and well disguised at times.

    You can see Washington scored four times on 11 possessions which is 36% and that's average. What's not good was only one TD in five scoring opportunities with 3 FGs and 1 missed FG. There were three punts, a missed FG, a fumble, an INT and over on downs. I didn't include the end of the game. So we played well in the RZ or in their scoring opportunities.

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