Cowboys week this week made me happy and sad smh

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by rockj7, Apr 4, 2014.

  1. rockj7

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    To see us in the 90s we kicked major tail and we let you know it before during and after the game and we came through. I may get bashed but the Patriots Dynasty the Giants 2 SuperBowls dont even compare to how we dominated if Deion didnt go to SF we are looking at 4 Super Bowl wins in a row yeah I may be a Homer but who cares lol
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  2. yimyammer

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    I had the same emotions, it was really sad/depressing to see how the egos at the top tore down the dynasty as well as the players who were out of control and cut their careers short or ended them prematurely. The salary cap & free agency hasn't been kind to the Cowboys...sigh
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  3. Fla Cowpoke

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    All those things that you mentioned's why it isn't easy to build a dynasty. Everyone wants their piece of the pie...almost impossible to get guys to sacrifice for the greater good year after year.
  4. Zordon

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    Couldn't find the strength to watch.
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  5. bbailey423

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    We were absolutley better than the Pats dynasty. First of all...the Pats margin of victory in all 3 Super Bowl victories 9 points. Our WORST...WORST...margin of victory in ONE...ONE...Super 10 points. Against the Steelers. Plus...we beat teams with tradition....pedigree..teams with HOFers. The Pats beat the expansion Panthers, the ringless Eagles and the Rams. And any sane football fan knows they were GIFTED a Super Bowl appearance by the Tuck rule. Anybody...with football sense...can see that was a fumble. There were no gift Super Bowl appearances on our watch....we went against historic franchises...we went through the great 49er teams with HOFers and the great Favre led teams with HOFers. is nice to have the Jets, Dolphins and Bills in your division. You are pretty much guaranteed a playoff apperance every year.

    And we lost players and coordinators left and right. How many different o-coordinators and d-coordinators did we have during our dynasty run. Including losing our head coach. I think Bill Belicheck was there for the entire run.

    Lastly, how many Super Bowls have the Pats won since they stopped spying. And you cannot tell me the spying was "meaningless". Bill Belicheck is to meticulous as a person/coach to do something that risky if it did not come with great rewards.

    Respect what the Pats have been able to accomplish. But in no way do I think they were as dominant as the Cowboys of the 90s were...especially based on the things I just laid out.
  6. big dog cowboy

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    Jimmy Johnson quitting, free agency and salary cap. Talk about a perfect trifecta receipe for killing a dynasty.
  7. rockj7

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    In one post bbailey423 you nailed it
  8. Seven

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  9. yimyammer

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    I just rewatched Super Bowl XXX on NFL Network. It was a great win but my hatred for Jerry Jones took away some of the shine of that victory. I have never been able to enjoy the Cowboys the same way since he took over completely in 94'. I have conflicted feelings for the team I love but absolute hatred for the owner who demands to be front & center and runs the football operation like dogs **** (IMO).

    I told my buddy we had to go to that game because it would be the last Super Bowl we'd win now that Jerry was large and in charge, so I scraped up the loot and managed to get great tickets via a buddy who's mom worked for the Cowboys. We were about 30 rows up on the 20 yard line. We traveled on the Cowboy bus (for family and employees) to and from the game and even got to go to the after party and shoot the **** with Scott Case, Kevin Williams, DC cheerleaders, etc.

    Aikman, Emmit, Irvin and the other superstars either didn't show or just stopped by for a quick appearance and then went off to their own private parties. We got to talk to Kevin Williams for quite a while and he was a really cool, humble dude. We kept telling him he saved the season with a great catch that helped them beat the Giants and he was astonished and embarrassed.

    I've been watching dynasty week off and on this week on NFL Network but I find myself just getting angry and sad at how the whole thing fell apart and the pathetic start of the Jerry show that has tortured many fans ever since.

    I saw it coming and even predicted it but I can't believe its been almost 20 years of futility, its sickening
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  10. Zordon

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    this is all you had to say my man. nice story by the way.
  11. bodi

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    accept Jimmy was no good at Miami

    and Jimmy had the same effect that Jim Harbaugh had or has he just came from college new what he was getting in players

    so maybe just the last two
  12. burmafrd

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    What is so sad is that most of us saw it coming once Jimmy was gone. Just wondered how long the dying would take.

    it was the cap that did it mostly; if there had been no cap Jerruh would have spent whatever it took to keep most of the guys. But with the cap that was not possible; and without a lot of good drafting our depth disappeared and our best guys got old.

    FA was inevitable. The Cap just made sure there would never be a true dynasty again.
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  13. OhSnap

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    It's OK to be a homer. If you can't make a post with something good about your team why bother logging on? The patriots are the only thing to come close in the last 20 years to make a debate about the best team in the last 30 years if not longer and the ginats have no place in any kind of conversation on that subject. It's really funny to see fans of other teams be called dedicated fans and Cowboy fans that support their team be called "Homers" like their not smart enough to know what an 8-8 season means. You should be proud to be called a homer.
  14. jazzcat22

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    Really? It's part of their history, but then again, the negativity just rolls on. Even when talking about the teams GREAT history. Someone always whines on the parade.
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  15. CyberB0b

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    It's more more obvious that the Cowboys haven't handled the free agency/salary cap era very well every year.

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  16. Heelsboy

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    Hey guys, can I join the pity party?

    I will always cherish the 90's team, but life happens and things change. No need to continue to rue over things that happened 15+ years ago.
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  17. CyberB0b

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    Yeah, we should just rue over the last 15 years, I guess.
  18. Heelsboy

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    Or you could just look to the future and not worry about things that happened in the past.
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  19. Boyzmamacita

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    Thankfully we have those memories. As much as we complain, we could be one of those franchises that never played in a Super Bowl or even sniffed one. The good times are coming around again and it will be that much sweeter.
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  20. Eddie

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    No ... a good GM would have been able to maintain some momentum. A good GM would have gotten us more than 1 playoff win in the past 17 years.

    Has nothing to do with Jimmy, FA, and salary cap ...

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