News: Cowboys weekend mailbag: It's all about Tony Romo

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    By Calvin Watkins |

    It's the offseason, so we've decided to open the mailbag and see what the people have to say.


    Q: So how come Jerry Jones won't trade Tony Romo for some high draft picks or better yet a quarterback? junior805, Santa Maria, Calif.

    A: It doesn't make sense to trade Tony Romo. He's still the best option the team has at quarterback and while yes, I see an influx of rookie quarterbacks come into the league that produce big numbers, the Cowboys have bigger issues. Offensive line and defensive line, running back and tight end are bigger holes to fill than quarterback. I'm not against drafting one, just not in the first round. Remember Russell Wilson and Colin Kaepernick were not first-round picks and you see the success each had in 2012. In a weak quarterback class, the Cowboys are better suited to find one in the later rounds instead of forcing it in the first.

    Q:Calvin, I'm all for Jerry Jones making changes to this team as the owner of the Cowboys. My question is with the defense (Monte Kiffin) moving to a 4-3, and the offense moving from a timing-based offense to the West Coast (Bill Callahan), with all this movement happening, do you feel Jerry is trying to force these transformations down the Cowboys fans' throats, just to prove a point that he will do anything to make sure that Romo has a legacy of success as the quarterback of the Dallas Cowboys? Instead of allowing the franchise to rebuild for the long term? What happens, if all these moves backfire on Jerry (I hope I didn't jinx the franchise). Will he be force to start over? Robert, Denver

    Jerry Jones said he's not making these changes for the sake of change. I believe him. However, the way he's going about things is leading to confusion. He won't admit he's moving Jason Garrett out of the playcalling business and giving it to Bill Callahan. Just say it and end all the drama. I do like the move with a 4-3 under Monte Kiffin, the father of the Tampa 2 defense. If these moves don't work, Jones will have no choice but to start over with the coaching staff. No choice at all. He already has a good young group of players in Dez Bryant, Tyron Smith, Sean Lee, Bruce Carter and DeMarco Murray to work with. It's up to this coaching staff to make this work.

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    Watkins is a moron. In one breath, he says we need help at RB, etc. And in the very next he says we have good young talent while mentioning Demarco Murray.

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    I'm not opposed to looking for a good RB in the 4th or later. Do you want to do into the season with just Murray and likely no Jones?
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    What's moronic about it? Murray is a young talent, but he's perpetually injured. We need a good back behind him to be able to step in and make this offense go if we can't count on Murray. Besides, most teams employ two backs for their running attack. Nothing moronic about the comment at all.
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    Watkins finally wrote something, that I hope but know that people will overlook. He has put in print something that has been said by Jimmy, Parcells, Phillips , Jerry listens to his coaches, scouts and personnel people, when they tell him they need a certain player or there's someone they want, he makes it happen.

    Yes, he may do some things on his own, like Deion, Pacman, Tank, T.O.

    When we went and got Roy William(WR), Phillips said that we needed a dynamic receiver to go along with T.O, Jerry tried signing Bolden, but the Cards wanted too much at the time. plus they still thought that they could keep him and did not want to deal him, they wanted to try and make it work with him, so we went and got Roy, then the cards and the ravens made a deal after they did not meet Bolden's monetary demand.
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    People ask football questions to Calvin Watkins?

    What do they expect him to say?

    He is a complete dope.

    It's like al bundy asking Kelly bundy what color an orange is.
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    In other words, he's saying that Jerry needs to tell him what he (and anyone else who is convinced of this) wants to hear.
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    Wow .... love the comments after this article.

    Tony Romo in the Hall of Fame? What are these guys smoking ???

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