CowboysNation:The (Latest) Case for Dallas to Take a 1st Round OT

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by cowboyjoe, Feb 18, 2011.

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    The (Latest) Case for Dallas to Take a 1st Round OT

    Posted by Rafael at Friday, February 18, 2011
    This isn't news to any of us on site, but bolsters my belief that Dallas should select an offensive tackle with its first round draft pick. From Wes Bunting's current NFP post on draft rumors comes this:

    • The more teams I talk with the less I get the feeling that any top tier offensive tackle prospects are going to make it through the first round. I keep hearing they will be all likely be gone by the time the mid/late 20’s roll around.
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    people are really talking him up. This is typical pre-combine ala bruce campbell last year great athlete should wow em at the combine. writers trying to guess who will be the hot names at the combine give themselves a pat on the back for hitting on a few names.

    i still want to wait till the combine , im just not feeling this guy yet maybe the combine will change my mind . RT is suppossed to be a big , dirty mauling type of guy which is why i love carimi plus he seems more pro ready than smith but would only want him in a trade down
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    Besides being athletic, Tyron Smith and Bruce Campbell have nothing in common. Tyron Smith is a decorated lineman, while Bruce Campbell wasn't highly thought of for his on field play.

    Plus the game has changed. I would take two elite pass protectors over one elite pass protector and one mauler. Especially with our offense and how many times we like to air it out.
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    If Tyron Smith is 310lbs at the combine, I think there is a chance he isn't there at #9, and definitely gone by #15. (probably Redskins at #10 if someone before that doesn't grab him)
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    Seems like all of the potential 1st round OTs have ?s, so imo, the Boys should sign a fa to compete with Columbo/Young, trade down from the #9 to the mid to bottom of the 1st round if theres no value and then pick a OT.
  6. Kangaroo

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    There will be value at the top of the 2nd round
  7. UnoDallas

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    oh I be pleased with any of them

    may be able to trade down a little bit to get an extra pick

    Tyron Smith OT USC 6-5 #307 - Quick feet off the snap. Good initial quickness to reach defenders that are shaded over him. Good positional blocker who will wall off defenders from the ball carrier. Has better than advertised strength for his size. Can drive defenders down the LOS on the play side or the back side of a play, allowing the ball carrier with a huge hole to run through or cut back through. Good mobility to pull and get up to the second level. His quick feet allow for him to be effective in pass protection. Slides out laterally well to mirror pass rushers and gets good depth on his kick slide. Plays with good balance and flashes a strong punch to jolt the pass rusher.

    So the weight issue is non factor for me

    He could begin his career as a right tackle before moving to left tackle after a year or two.

    Gabe Carimi OT Wis 6-7 #315 - ideal size for the position and long arms to direct the defender. He has outstanding functional strength. Can drop anchor and defend against the bull rush with consistency, and has the drive and power to excel as a run blocker. Is able to bury people once he gets control. Is effective getting to the second level and can destroy people there. Is surprisingly effective in space. Despite his limited athleticism, he is still agile enough, and has decent footwork, to be an effective pass blocker at the next level. Can use his length and long arms (35 2/8) to steer the speed rushers around the pocket. Has a good initial punch and can deliver a strong, quick jolt that can keep the defender off balance. Plays with an edge, but doesn't lose control. Smart player who understands the blocking scheme well

    Derek Sherrod, OT Mississippi State 6-6 #305 - long body and arms coupled with good footwork allow him to get excellent depth. Has solid, though not exceptional hand action and works hard to maintain position. Shows ability to pick-up pressure from linebackers or safeties. Able to use size to seal defender and willing to look upfield for the next block. Great speed for use in pulling situations or in screens

    Doug Free played well at ROT last year in Columbo's absence and with the top LOT still on the board, why not have the flexibility of 2 athletic young bookends that are interchangeable? Sure makes game-day decisions of whittling down 53 to 45 easier, in the case of deciding on back-up OL in the case of injuries. This is a case where value equals need and is a fine pick by Dallas.
  8. johnnyd

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    i have no doubt that smith is a better prospect than cambell ever was but i wouldnt go so far as to call smith point was that the media is talking him up because they know once the combine starts he is going to dominate the event because he is a beast athlethically epsically compared to his peers.

    since garret took over we were a more balanced team run/pass

    again im not agints picking this guy i was strickly pointing out the panic the media is creating with his recent weight gain and pump and dump reports that has made alot of people here change there tune and insist that we have to grab this guy or else!
  9. fortdick

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    Gaining 25 pounds for the combine doesn't mean much if he did it on jelly donuts. He has to add muscle and not fat. Hard to add 25 meaningful pounds that quick without juicing.
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    The Redskins used their #1 last year on an OT and they got the kid from New Orleans too. I highly doubt they are thinking OT in round 1.
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    You know, I've seen a couple of mocks around that have the Redskins taking an OT at #10, and I can't figure out why. They have Trent Williams and Jamaal Brown (who both played decent), and they have about 1,000,000 other needs on that roster.

    No OLB opposite Orakpo and only London Fletcher at ILB, and absolutely nobody who can play NT. They say to play a 34 defense you have to have good LB's and a good NT. Well, the Skins cupboard is more than just bare at those positions. Out of those 5 players, they have 2 (Orakpo and Fletcher). Fletcher is about 50 years old and Orakpo should be a 43 DE because he can't cover for ****.

    They have average, at best, DE's (Rams castoff Adam Carriker is their best one, lol!) and nobody to play safety opposite Landry. They need a RB, but not nearly as badly as they need a WR. They literally have nobody at that position other than Santana Moss (who is an unrestricted free agent). And on the OL, tackle is the only part that isn't pure crap.

    Not to mention that Rex Freaking Grossman is their QB.

    It would probably be easier to list what they don't need instead, so:

    They are set at TE with Cooley and Fred Davis.
    They are OK at offensive tackle.
    They are OK at CB, but Carlos Rogers is a free agent, so that might be a need.

    Other than that... they are screwed. :laugh2:

    So, why on Earth would they draft an OT at 10 overall?
  12. UnoDallas

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    So, why on Earth would they draft an OT at 10 overall?

    becuase they are Washington

    and have the great Shanny as coach
  13. AsthmaField

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    Yeah, last year was really shantastic!
  14. 28 Joker

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    I'll say it again.

    Tyron Smith's only hope of being picked by Dallas is Jason Garrett and Hudson Houck. This will be Garrett's pick, and Smith has to win those two guys. The rest of Valley Ranch will want to draft a defensive player. It's what the Cowboys have done in their recent history. The deck is stacked against Smith. However, Houck is a USC guy, and Jason Garrett is the offensive coordinator and head coach. There is a little bit of hope. Do those two guys really want to play with Colombo at RT again. It will get ugly if that happens, real ugly. Do they want to put themselves in that position? I wouldn't.

    Felix Jones and Tony Romo would really, really, really benefit from taking Smith at 9. Both would be very happy. I can promise you. Watching Smith open up things for Jones would be explosive. The passing game would get a big boost, too. Tony Romo would have more time to find his receivers down the field. Jason Witten would actually get to go out for more passes.

    If some in Valley Ranch had their way, it would go like this:

    1. Brandon Harris CB
    2. Aaron Williams CB
    3. Curtis Brown CB
    4. Rashad Charmicheal CB
    5. Jalil Brown CB

    Or they would go like this:

    1. DE
    2. CB
    3. S
    4. CB
  15. cowboyjoe

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    I would posssibly do this, if your sitting there at # 9, and redskins call, because they hear that vikings and dolpins are possibly calling to get a QB maybe Newton if he falls. I might trade down, if you know what skins are possibly really after

    or if you can get some good draft picks from vikings maybe the other way, and just move down 3 slots, T Smith, still might be there, I am hearing OTs might not go till 12th or 13th pick in first round, then there might be a run on them

    Ive always been told, if you can get 2 to 3 teams interested in same player, same cam newton if he is still there, and you can get a high draft pick and another pick for not moving down far, then you have to look at it

    dont trade down to far though

    im hearing at 12th, t smith (remember now he just had surgery, and generally players fall alittle with surgery), and cam jordan will be there at 12th, then you cant miss, while getting a good draft pick in return for trading now

    what im really interested in though, maybe this scenario works out
    cowboys trade down alittle because 3 teams want cam newton

    we take t smith OT or cam Jordan DE, then with our 2nd pick and newly acquired pick for trading down, we move back up about 28th pick and take Carmini OT from Wisconsin

    that way you get 2 key linemen, or something along those lines

    here is alist of top DEs, and i think we could get one in 1st or 2nd round

    *DaQuan Bowers 6-4, 280 4.60 Clemson
    *Robert Quinn 6-5, 270 4.60 North Carolina (O)
    *Aldon Smith 6-5, 260 4.70 Missouri (X)
    Cameron Jordan 6-4, 287 4.85 California (DT)
    Adrian Clayborn 6-3, 285 4.80 Iowa
    *J.J. Watt 6-6, 290 4.85 Wisconsin (3/4)
    Ryan Kerrigan 6-4, 255 4.80 Purdue (OLB)
    Cameron Heyward 6-5, 285 4.90 Ohio State (3/4)

    we will need a DE if spears isnt resigned
  16. 28 Joker

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    I see what you mean, and I'm sure all of that will be discussed. However, the Lions are sitting there at 13, and they need an OT like Smith to protect Stafford's blind side, bad. What if Houston wants to move down with Detroit to draft their CB or defensive player? It's risky, imo. I'd just stay put and take Smith and insure Mark Colombo's replacement and insure the cornerstone of the offensive line for the next 12 years. Plus, you insure that Smith doesn't fall into the Eagles or Giants or Redskins hands.

    The Eagles and Colts will get aggressive to get the OT they want. The Giants need at OT.

    DL is much deeper than OT, and OT free agency is weak. You may be able to get a DL free agent if there is a free agency. If there isn't a free agency, free agents may be ordered back to their teams.

    If you could insure me that I could get Smith at 12, I would be for it. Detroit and Houston may start talking about a trade if you move down. The Eagles or Colts are lurking. The Giants are lurking. I just don't think it's worth it. Smith has very good value at 9. Don't take the chance. Take him. jmo

    I like the Smith VS Jordan match up, because Smith has really good film against Jordan, especially in the running game.

    Newton is probably going top 5, but I could be wrong.
  17. Ashwynn

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    I dont know if 9 is too high for any of the Oline prospects, but I am all for the Boys taking one of the top 3 Oline guys with their first, be it at 9, 15 or where ever. I am not opposed to a DE or DB but we have to get 2 olineman in the top 3 picks and FA better happen, or it could be a scary year again, of underacheiving.

    I have trust in Garrett and company to get their guys in the draft and in FA if it happens.

    Ill wait and see what the roster looks like in September and we'll play em out and see what we have.
  18. RS12

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    As bad as I want young talented blood on the O Line, the defense killed this team last year. For arguements sake if Quinn and Tyron Smith are there at 9, I'll take Quinn because of how bad the defense was, and I do think Smith will end up being a franchise LT.
  19. burmafrd

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    Its just as critical to get an O line that can punch it in from the one and protect Romo when it counts as to improve the D.
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    He HAS less body fat probably (for a lineman) than anyone on this forum. You obviously haven't seen him lately. He's buff and extremely powerful looking with NO belly fat.

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