News: Cowlishaw - Brass has backed Cowboys into a corner

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by MichaelWinicki, Sep 13, 2004.

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    Tim Cowlishaw: Brass has backed Cowboys into a corner

    MINNEAPOLIS – Bill Parcells and Jerry Jones faulted the defense. They could have added the names of Bill Parcells and Jerry Jones to the list of those responsible for a 35-17 loss to Minnesota in the Metrodome.

    The Cowboys didn't have the defense to cope with Randy Moss, who found a new way to humiliate Dallas for not drafting him. You can fault Pete Hunter and Tony Dixon and a non-existent pass rush.

    You can also fault the men in charge of fixing those problems in the off-season – holes that were obvious to every Cowboys follower.

    In the season opener, this wasn't the instant death Moss has delivered in previous meetings where he averaged 25 yards per catch and more than 125 yards and two touchdowns per game. It was a dominant performance just the same, and it was one that outlined fundamental Cowboys weaknesses that simply won't disappear when Moss does.

    The Vikings scored touchdowns on four straight possessions in the second and third quarters, covering 299 yards on those drives, to take the Cowboys out of the game.

    Moss was the major reason that last year's No. 1-ranked defense looked more like No. 31 in the season opener. After watching Hunter get lit up in the preseason, it was easy to imagine the NFL's most dangerous receiver running free in the Dallas secondary.

    That didn't happen much, only because the Cowboys committed a safety to double-team Moss on virtually every play. But that left the rest of the defense short-handed to stop a very average running game and the highly effective scrambles of quarterback Daunte Culpepper.

    Even on a day in which the Cowboys held Moss to 27 receiving yards, he scored twice – both short catches against the Cowboys' only hope at corner, Terence Newman – and he threw a 37-yard pass to Marcus Robinson and picked up 47 yards on two pass-interference calls.

    "We did our best, but they made some big plays," said Hunter. "We did a great job of containing [Moss] early, but we knew it was a matter of time before they went to him."

    That was really about all it took – Culpepper finally going to Moss to get things under control for Minnesota. The Cowboys won't see Moss again, at least not until the – well, let's not even use the P-word at this stage.

    But the Cowboys will see capable receivers every week, not to mention the Eagles' Terrell Owens a couple of times and the Redskins' Laveranues Coles a couple of times and the Steelers' Hines Ward and Plaxico Burress and the Saints' Joe Horn and the Bengals' Chad Johnson and whoever Green Bay's Brett Favre wants to showcase and on and on.

    If Mike Zimmer has to constantly provide safety help, then a team that gets absolutely zero pass rush from its front four won't be able to keep the Cowboys in games.

    Jones said the plan was to pressure Culpepper into mistakes or at least incompletions. The pressure never came. Culpepper threw five touchdown passes, was sacked twice (in truth, he was scrambling and was tackled at the line of scrimmage for no loss) and completed more than 70 percent of his throws.

    The unit that has saved this team so many times couldn't hold up its end Sunday, even when Vinny Testaverde and Antonio Bryant and, yes, ReShard Lee, did their part for the offense.

    But until further notice, the Cowboys' secondary is the worst it has been since the 1992 draft brought Kevin Smith and Darren Woodson to town.

    Hunter and Dixon are not NFL starters, and yet they start for the Cowboys. Help is on the way at safety but not right away. Darren Woodson can't play until the sixth game.

    There is no help coming at corner. Asked if the team's problem there is acute, Jones said, "It seems that way. I don't believe we've got any answers personnel-wise."

    Both Jones and Parcells were particularly troubled by the Vikings' two long touchdown drives in the third quarter that effectively negated the good things Dallas was managing on offense.

    "Those long drives, you would think we'd have been able to step up and make a play to stop them," Jones said. "We couldn't do it."

    Said Parcells, "I told the defense they went from No. 1 to No. 32 and they did it in one week."

    And they did it because Parcells and Jones didn't do much to address cornerback and pass rush concerns that were hanging out there all off-season.
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    Bill Parcells is slowly convincing me why he shouldn't be deciding what groceries to buy.
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    Not much for exuses because we looked really bad. But their offensive line was holding on just about every play.
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    They say I am reactionary! How about waiting for more than one game before throwing in the towel? Its a long season and it is just one game. Remember the growing pains? HELLO? We already knew this was coming why are you all so shocked? Relax........

  5. Tio

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    You got that right. He doesn't know what he is doing at that phase.
  6. SmashFactorGolf

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    .........has it in his contract that he gets 33% of whatever he can keep the cowboys cap under the peak.................
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    You may be right, but the holes were obvious and they didn't do anything to fix it.
    I'm just sick to hear oh but we know we are pushing for 05 year.

    I know one game doesn't mean the hole year, but they didn't fix the problem that everybody could see.

    I don't want to throw the towel, but to fix something we need to buy some tools, and yes sometimes the tools are expensive.
  8. crazylegs

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    You really can't put the blame %100 on the players.

    Jerry and Bill hired them for the 2005 project.

    2004 was a fluke, we will never return to the glory years (1995) until someone buries Jerry back in his ego coffin.
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    Good article by Cowlishaw. I have stated that point over and over and over. They dropped the ball last offseason. Nothing can be done now but to learn from it and don't fall asleep behind the wheel next offseason. If there are holes, address them.

    We need a pass rush and I for one am all for trading for J. Abraham next offseason. Either one of our #1's or a 2nd rounder. Then use the other 1st rounder to get a stud DT. Corner can be addressed thru free agency when Law or McKenzie get released or if Will Peterson or Will Allen hit the open market or via the draft.
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    Lets face it, we could have the great LT in his prime and zimmy (wuss) would ahve him "occupying & engaing Olineman" getting NO rush on...

    People, zimmy has always FAILED to understand passrush importance and also FAILED terribally on how to teach our DB's how to play the ball...

    Who cares if Dixon had PI on that play...Woodson would have done the exact same thing...AS seen last year 3 times...

    Hunter was actually in position to have picks...a few times, but we lack real NFL level coaching on D...
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    As much as hate to admit it, I have to agree pretty much w/ Cowlishaw on this one. I bet Mario Edwards is laughing his *** off right now. Maybe Edwards didn't make the big plays that Parcells wanted, but at least he could cover the WRs!!
  12. jobberone

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    Jerry Jones???
  13. Bach

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    Mario and the Bucs didn't do much against Washington yesterday.

    I doubt he's laughing too hard.
  14. Waffle

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    R. Gardner 4 61 0 27
    L. Coles 3 27 0 11
    C. Cooley 1 16 0 16
    C. Portis 4 15 0 7
    L. Betts 1 6 0 6

    Although the Redskins ran the ball 40 times, they only scored 16 total points against the Bucs defense. Also, there were no TD catches for any Redskin WRs, who only had a total of 13 combined receptions. If that's "not doing much", then I guess you could describe our defense as "not doing anything."

    Yeah, he's laughing harder than you think...
  15. Juke99

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    On the Nosey MW.....and I find his "bus driver" mentality to be a real source of annoyance....

    It seems like it has now extended to the entire roster....
  16. davey

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    Couldn't agree more with the article.

    It could have been written in June though. Maybe it was.
  17. PullMyFinger

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    What Jerry needs to do is two things, although one will NEVER happen with his ego.

    1. Fire Zimmer now, even if it means having an interim(sp) d cord for the rest of the season, handle that next off season. Hell, D. Campo was a better d cord then the bum Zimm is.

    2. Hire a GM. Stephen Jones would be a good choice(he has more of a grasp on football then Jerry does).

    I wonder if Jerry could lay aside his ego enough to hire sherriff Jimmah as a consultant or even GM for that matter. I would rather see Jimmah drafting than either Parcells or Jones.
  18. diehard2294

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    you must not have seen edwards play yesterday :eek:
  19. Sarge

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    He is a HUGE upgrade over Campo but I gotta tell ya - he has done some wacky things and called some bad games.

    Parcells is absolutely one of the best, but I'm not convinced we are getting Parcells at HIS best, quite frankly.
  20. Little Jr

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    So I guess Zim tells them not to play the ball. Just run with them and hope they don't catch it. I put not playing the ball on the player. If you are a NFL CB you should know to play the ball.

    I thought we changed the way we passed rush last year? Maybe I'm wrong. I know one thing though. I don't see BP sitting around and letting Zim do something that isn't woriking. BP has a lot to do with the D.

    I saw where someone said Zim didn't make any half time adjustments. I guess BP told him everything was fine keep doing what you are doing.

    I just don't see how people put all the blame on Zim when BP is the worst cotrol freaks in the NFL. He has a lot of say in the D and him and JJ are the ones who put the talent or the lack there of on the field.

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