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    I know Crown and a few others have been on his bandwagon for a while, i've loved the kid since that Washington game. Played real nice in the season finale when Key went down. I just really have high hopes for this guy, alot of you do to. The interview on really reinforces that. He has the confidence you need at this level, but he seems very level headed. The more I hear about him, the more excited I get. I hope he does big things. Maybe all the beating out the Morgan talk isnt all just a knock on Morgan(he has been faulty though), but also a testament to how good Crayton has gotten.
  2. Banned_n_austin

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    I don't think he'll be great by any means ... but I think the reason he's going to be the #3 guy is simply that he makes catches ...

    Physically, I don't know the difference between the two ... but the hands is where I think he beats out Morgan who has been inconsistant his whole career.
  3. junk

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    I actually think he could be very good. Maybe not great, but a solid #2 guy for a long time.
  4. calico

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    i think he will be very good. I liked him since the Houston preseason game last year when he caught a pass from Henson...he was so smooth looking.
  5. Banned_n_austin

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    I could live with that ...
  6. Wolverine

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    I did not think much of Crayton at all not that long ago. But he is starting to really win me over. He finds ways to get open and has very solid hands. Right now he looks like he can be very solid #3 guy. But if he really keeps getting better and better I would like to see he get some time at #2 to see if he can be a solid #2 guy. I already feel better about our WR corp looking like he will be #3 instead of Morgan. If we are on 3rd down and like 15 yards to go if Crayton is open then the chances of him catching it and keeping the drive alive are very good. Cant say that about Morgan.
  7. JackMagist

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    Caryton doesn't have the speed that Morgan has and I beleive that he is a little smaller but he slow either. He runs good routes and gets open and more importantly he catches the ball in clutch situations.
  8. junk

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    Here is a blurb from Crayton's last college game. No wonder they called him "Comma".

  9. Hiero

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    Yep for a 6th round pick he appears to be a hell of a jackpot. I dont think he'll ever be a #1 receiver, but as a 3rd and in a year or two #2 receiver he should have a really long career. seems to be one of those guys who just gets it, hes a football player. Still hoping we draft a receiver high next year though.
  10. junk

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    WR is one of the hardest positions to pick up. NAIA is one of the lowest levels of college football. I am pretty sure there are HS teams that could whup up on some NAIA teams.

    I am very pleased with Crayton so far.
  11. big dog cowboy

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    It is impossible to root against a guy like Crayton. Sure would be nice if we actually had a WR step up out of the blue. When was the last time that happened?
  12. chargrove

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    I'm thinking Kelvin Martin many years ago. It's as if we have no WR coaches...the guys are just running around trying to get open and relying completely on natural abilities.
  13. big dog cowboy

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    He was a 4th round pick so I guess he qualifies. One thing for sure is we are damn poor at taking day 2 WR's worth much.
  14. lane

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    really hoping the best for crayton...... class act with hands. good combination.
  15. big dog cowboy

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    I only wish he were a burner. That can be addressed next April I guess.
  16. sacase

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    I take offense to that since I played NAIA Football, it is much faster than highschool ball and I seriously doubt a high school tam can beat a NAIA team. Hell I still say the best reciever I ever saw was on the NAIA level. Had the best hands in the world but ran like a 5.0 40 and had NO work ethic. You find guys in NAIA who had character problems or got kicked out of D1 schools or you jsut find some good athletes like Crayton. I am not saying NAIA schools will beat D1, but there is talent especially at the skill positions.
  17. FuzzyLumpkins

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    Martin was 5'9 175 while Crayton is 6 foot 200. I really dont see why people try to compare them.

    Crayton is quick and elusive; that is how is able to get open. Hes not going to outrun anyone but hes hard to keep up with.
  18. InmanRoshi

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    Reminds me of Keenan McCardell.
  19. junk

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    I am not trying to sell NAIA football short and I apologize if I offended anyone. I do agree that there is some talented players that play.

    However, I have watched a lot of NAIA football.

    I am pretty confident that some of these big HS football teams from CA and TX could play with the likes of some of these teams.

    South Dakota Tech
    Montana State University-Northern
    Valley City State University
    Morningside College
    St. Ambrose University

    and I am sure a few others.

    Not that these guys aren't good athletes, but if you have a HS team with a few legitimate D-I prospects, you are going to have a game on your hands. A lot of these teams have guys playing that were just ordinary high school players anyway.

    Maybe I am way off base and again, not trying to offend anyone that has played NAIA because that is farther than I got, but I have seen a few play and I think a well coached HS team with some legit prospects would definitely be able to play with some NAIA schools.

    BTW, as a trivia aside. What NAIA school did Bill Parcells start his coaching career at?
  20. Bizwah

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    Crayton has a funny gait.....He's 6 feet tall, but he runs like a 5-10 guy. He does have great hands. I have high hopes for him as well.

    I really like the Hines Ward comparison. Again, like Bill, I'm not saying he is Hines Ward, but he certainly has a lot of those qualities. Great athlete, decent, not great size, average speed.....but is a playmaker.

    If Crayton can produce just a fraction of what Ward does I'll be very happy.

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