Craziest or most unique piece of Dallas Cowboys merchandise you ever owned?

Discussion in 'Members Zone' started by TruBlueCowboy, Jun 15, 2005.

  1. TruBlueCowboy

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    Until everything starts speeding up with training camp, I thought I'd add a crazy topic that might spawn some fun answers. Many folks associated with the Dallas Cowboys have made lucrative dollars on Cowboys merchandise over the last few decades. Especially now. It seems like you can find that blue star on everything from toilet paper to lingerie. So I was wondering, what was your most unique Dallas Cowboys item you ever owned? It could be anything from a rare autographed item to some crazy thing you won on Ebay. This should be interesting.

    I'll start with something that is probably pretty boring and the Cowboys may still make these, but I'm not sure because I haven't lived in Dallas in a while. I used to own a VHS copy of the 1986 Cowboys squad singing Christmas carols. I think it was called "Christmas in Dallas" but I'm not sure, it's been so long since I last watched it. You wanna talk about some bad singers. I think Danny White even broke off a solo on that one. When Randy White, Too Tall, Tony Dorsett and the rest of the roster all start singing off-key Chrstmas tunes together, it's not exactly the prettiest thing to hear. Yet, my family, being the loyal Cowboys fans that they were, played that almost every day during the Christmas season. You know you're a loyal fan when you're willing to buy a copy of that thing, and then actually watch it several times! :eek:
  2. D41lasCowboys31

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    I have two footballs full of autos from the past 2 seasons
  3. Hoov

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    When I was about 10 years old, I got an 8X10 photo of Roger in practice outfit poised to throw a pass, autographed to me and signed by Roger as "a friend of your uncle Ken's". they were both in the navy at same time so my uncle was able to track him down and contact him through the navy's network.
  4. cowboyfreak

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    I've still got that ridiculous video tape its horrible.
    Last christmas I was given that horrendous Cowboys in the Country cd (ugh!) You know woth aikman, coach Joe,etc.?

  5. WoodysGirl

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    About 5 years ago, my friend bought me a Dallas Cowboy birthday cake. It had a helmet drawn on it, tiny Dallas Cowboy helmets on the corners of the cake, tiny footballs and field goals placed strategically around the cake.

    Well I kept the tiny helmets and field goals.
  6. trickblue

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    I, too, own the horrendous Cowboys Country cassette...

    I have a funeral program from Landry's funeral...

    An unopened Pepsi bottle from 1972 with Cliff and Charlie's autographs..

    I have a copy of the 45 "Dallas Cowboys" by Charley Pride...

    I have a Waterford Crystal football with the revered star logo...

    That is really the only "obscure" stuff I have.. the rest are like programs, jerseys, helmets, footballs etc...
  7. CIWhitefish

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    About 10 years ago I ran into a guy at my local mall who hand-drew several NFL players into kind of a collage type thing. They were poster size. He was about 1/2 way done with his version of Emmitt Smith. I ordered a limited print of it on the spot. I think I have 21 of 200. (too bad it wasn't 22!) It's very cool and obviously relatively unique.

    I also have a wooden airplane my kids made me for my birthday that's in Cowboy colors with a big star on the top. I have it out for every game.
  8. dallasblue05

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    I know this sounds really gross, but a few years ago, I got a couple of DC Cheerleaders autographs after a game at Texas Stadium, one of them dropped a sweatband from their bag, and I discreetly picked it up and put it in my pocket. That was one of the best days of my life..................................................... just kidding, but it was a pretty good day!!
  9. Yeagermeister

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    The only thing I have is a Dorsett autographed football from the HOF. It was given to me by a Browns fan :D
  10. cwbys4evr

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    I guess the oddest thing I had as a kid was a Cowboys bobble-head doll. The odd ball thing I have now is a Christmas ornament depicting Santa in Cowboys t-shirt, shorts, etc reclining in a lawn chair, (on vacation I suppose).

    For the Cub Scouts Pinewood Derby, my youngest boy's car was a Dallas Cowboys design. It won "most patriotic" oddly enough. America's Team, I guess the judges figured.
  11. stag hunter

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    Not really cowboys memorabilia (im a huge fan, but not a big collector), but i was at Darrell Green's last game (last time the skins beat dallas) and he threw his gloves up in the stands as he was running out of the tunnel and I caught both of them. Those would probably actually fetch a pretty good amount of money, but I have no way of proving their authenticity which is a shame.
  12. Cowboys22

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    I own a 10 foot tall Super Bowl 28 Banner autographed by Emmitt Smith. These are the banners that hung from light poles all over town before the game.
  13. AdamJT13

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    A friend of mine who was in the Air Force with Chad Hennings has an autographed visor from Chad Hennings' car.

    My weirdest item probably is a rubber Cowboys football autographed by Ernie Stautner and John Dutton, which I got when I was about 10. (Randy White never showed up for the autograph session.)
  14. TwoDeep3

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    I have a Troy Aikman statuette on a pedestal. You push the button at his feet and it relates his accomplishments.

    At some point you hear Troy talk about his greatest thrill as a professional footballer.

    I think it was winning his first Superbowl and being names MVP.
  15. Aikmaniac

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    -I have the Bud Light, Troy Aikman cardboard cutout.

    -A six-pack of coke bottles, one for each SB victory, and one commemorating all 5.

    -I have a Dallas Cowboys cowboy hat.

    -My dad had some shirts made when I was really young for the family picture. There we are, mom, dad, and I in a family portrait all donning Roger Staubach T-Shirts.

    -I have several unique plaques made up with Emmitt and Troy.

    -Several Cowboys clocks...all different shapes and sizes.

    -I have pictures from the 1977 roster and 1988 roster (complete with Scott Secules and Kevin Sweeney!)


    That's all I can think of right now.
  16. Doomsday101

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    Best Item I have is an autographed football from Randy White which I got in Austin when he was there during training camp the same year he was inducted to the HOF. Every Wheaties box with Cowboys on the cover.
  17. Cowboys&Caps

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    one of Roy Williams Gloves from the game @ Washington in 03 when we won 27-0, he tossed one to me as he entered the tunnel
  18. rcaldw

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    I have most of the games from 1989 to 2000 on VHS, including Aikman's first pre-season game in the Hall of Fame game vs. the Chargers, his first pro bowl appearance, etc.

    I have a Cowboys helmet (full size) signed by coach Landry and Roger Staubach.
  19. 28bringinthewood

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    I have ( I say I, but I actually bought them for my husband for Christmas) wooden plaques for each of our super bowl wins. They are beautiful! They each have a picture of the team, the roster, and the season schedule inscribed on them. I can't remember if they have anything else on them. He boxed them up as soon as he saw them...after he showed them off of course.
  20. JakeCamp12

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    I have some really odd stuff that I have picked up or been given over the years...

    I have a 1985 25th Anniversary Silver Coin

    I have the first few Dallas Cowboys Blue Books, with autographs from Danny White and Tony Dorsett.

    I have a stack of cards with autographs from most of the Dynasty era team.

    I have a set of dolls that was packaged as Troy Aikman and Emmitt Smith. They were made by Kenner and were sold at J.C. Penney, I believe.

    I have an odd plastic doll that was made for all the teams in like 78 or 79 that was sold at Sears. It came with number decals and you stuck your favorite players number on it and you could pose it and it stood on a green plastic tray and had a metal bar that you pushed into the dolls back.

    And I am sure at some point in time, all of the men in the forum owned that vibrating electric football game with your favorite team. I had the one issued after Super Bowl XIII. Never could get Tony D to run straight... :D

    I am sure if I go into the trunk in the attic I could come up with some more stuff.

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