Crossfit - Is it worth the financial investment?

Discussion in 'Off-topic Zone' started by Stryker44, Nov 1, 2013.

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    Protein and free weights brother.
  2. Seven

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    Same here.

    Stay out of the gym. You do nothing but get in the way.
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    In my town in our four gyms we have here there is no cross-fit groups. They don't have any real cross-fit training areas either. I'm not experienced with any of those folks so I can't tell you much about how they work out or what they do to prepare for those competitions. They seem to be in pretty darn great shape though so I can't hardly argue what they're doing in terms of being in shape.

    I do agree with others here that when you watch their competitions it doesn't actually seem like they preach good form or technique though and that can be very damaging to your body. I don't know how interested I'd be in doing cross-fit. It does seem very dangerous to me.
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    Goodnight joints.
  5. Future

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    I won't debate that they are in good shape, but the idea of a "crossfit athlete" is a bit of a myth to me. Its just doing a bunch of repetitive stuff over and over again, so there's not really a lot of skill involved. I play bball with a couple dudes who do it and they are just bad athletes lol

    In terms of damaging your body, Crossfit can be quite dangerous. Just look up Rhabdo...
    The science confirms that exertional rhabdomyolysis, as this form is sometimes referred to, is uncommon and normally reserved for the elite military trainee, ultra-endurance monsters, and for victims of the occasional psychotic football coach. Rhabdomyolysis isn’t a common condition, yet it’s so commonly encountered in CrossFit that they have a cartoon about it,nonchalantly casting humor on something that should never happen.
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    And if you're looking for anyone to listen to on these forums when it comes to working out it's this guy. I haven't seen him steer anyone wrong on here.
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    Yeah it looked like what they're doing is pretty dangerous to me, the way they do things. They all seem to look pretty damn fit though and apparently are very fit from watching their competitions, but I think what they do is way to dangerous to do in order to try and be fit.

    I'd wager that MMA athletes are pretty damn fit as well (the ones who really care about that anyway) and I'd much rather be their kind of fit then cross-fit.
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    Crossfit is quite expensive, but it works for some people. But as many pointed out, you can see plenty of issues in many of their exercises. The reality though is, you can see this with any program. The onus is really going to be on you in whether or no you lift properly. Some of the benfits of cross fit are that they focus on compound movements. They do sort bursts of intense, power movements. At the same time, like some posters said, some exercises your just begging for an injury.

    There are also issues in terms of over-pushing limits in the cultish setting of many crossfit gyms. Some people "explode" their muscles in their zeal. It's actually becoming a 'common' experience in crossfit when the condition is really rare outside this context.

    The reality is, you can incorporate many of these same exercises without spending the big bucks. But if you do decide to join, you need t know what is good and what is bad and not frce yourself to do things in the gym you clearly don't feel are healthy.
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    BTW, just as their are incompetent crossfit trainers, there are competent cross fit trainers. You can simply google youtube in the same manner and know that some of them definitely know what they are talking about. There are quacks all across the spectrum.

    In the end though, any RESISTANCE training, forcing muscles to adapt, will cause change in your body on the strength level. Reducing calorie consumption and expending energy will cause one to lose weight. If you want to add explosive training, you need to incorporate explosive moves to let the nervous system adapt and learn how to fire quickly. If you want to get better at a sport, you need to train in that sort as well.

    It all ultimately depends on your goals.
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    As far as getting in shape, it's not bad because it's HIIT. But it's dang expensive and a pretty big risk as far as injuries go. It's a fad.

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