Crown vs Root Canal Work

Discussion in 'Off-topic Zone' started by Stryker44, Oct 10, 2013.

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    Has anybody here ever had a cavity filled and a crown put on successfully without having to go to an endodontist for root canal work?

    One of my molars has been killing me this past week and am nearly at my wits end.
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    No need for a specialist, a normal dentist can do all of that.
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    I just had a root canal done on a tooth that had a crown on it.
    My dentist doesn't do root canals anymore so he sent me to an endodonist.
    The Endo drilled a really small hole in the top of the crown did his thing and filled in the hole in the crown.
    There are still dentist out there that do the root canals.
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    Endodontist are typically involved with root canals that are more complex than what a dentist can handle. Especially if there is a Epithelial Sac involved and bone loss at the base of the molar.

    If you don't deal with the cyst properly and just do a simple root canal and crown there is a possibility the sac could grow as it feeds on the red blood cells in the bone matter around it leading to loss of the tooth you just paid to have work on or loss of other teeth in the area to diminished bone matter.
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    Thanks guys. Went to the dentist this past week and it turns out I don't need a root canal at this point. He said I had pulpitis but it was likely reversible since it hadn't spread to the root according to X ray and physical examination.

    The bad news: due to bulimia I had while wrestling in high school and college, it seems my teeth have been worn down prematurely and I'm going to need to have buildups and crowns if I don't want to have them all pulled and get dentures. I certainly can't afford to have them all extracted and dental implants. Ugh.

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