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Discussion in 'Drama Zone' started by bbailey423, Jul 17, 2017 at 10:26 AM.

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    The Cowboys are the most popular sport team in the world. Dallas is under a magnascope and all the news gets amplified and broadcast to the whole world. Nothing happening in Dallas is not also happening with other teams.

    Anyone want to talk Bengals and 'culture?' Joe Mixon getting drafted in the 2nd rd. Didn't WR Westbrook punch his pregnant girlfriend and get drafted in the 3rd round? I thought I read where something like 70% of NFLers have a felony record. You ain't winning squat with choirboys on the football field. These players in the NFL today have been spoiled for the past 10 years. Some have had no discipline their entire lives. Throw in youth and money and women and drugs and you have a recipe for problems.
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    Football 101. You are either coaching it or allowing it to happen.

    Jerry allows it to happen.
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    This kind of stuff happens in college and even HS. I've seen HS teams and players get passes from teachers, administration and others because they are winning and are local heros. I've seen HS players signing autographs after games and unemployed wearing their letter jackets several years later. It is what it is. I don't agree with it, but it's a reality with many more teams. The Cowboys issues are magnified because they are the Cowboys.
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    Movies like North Dallas 40 and things Pete Gent said was going long before Jerry Jones, Cowboys have always dealt with controversy. This is why Calvin Hill would tells new guys to watch their step and how the spot light in Dallas is brighter. The franchise has been dealing with Controversy for a long time. Difference todays is a 24 hour news cycle. Not excusing guys in the least it is the world in which we live in and todays athletes need to be much more careful than ever before.
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    Maybe it's not the culture and Zeke is just a *******?

    This dame culture built Witten and Romo and Tyron and the rest of the o line. This same culture saw through the maturity and development Dez. This same culture allowed what could have been a debilitating Romo/Dak situation and relegated it to the side story pursued by outside media.

    I get Zeke is our shiny new toy but blaming this on the "culture " is just code for.... "I don't want this to be indicative of who Zeke is."

    But maybe this is who Zeke is.
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    Billionaire owner hires half of the available strippers so there is less for the millionaire players. I think you are failing to see the glass half full.
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    When you consider the fact that Dak is a 4th round pick...who went to camp as the 3rd string QB....found himself the STARTER because of injuries...led the Dallas Cowboys...coming off a 4-12 the best record in the NFC...with the Tony Romo saga hanging over his head all year....Dak is easily the biggest success story in the NFL over the last 20 years. The fact that he has not parlayed that into his "chance" to cash in on what might his only chance at a lottery ticket in life...speaks volumes to what kind of kid we are lucky to have stumbled upon. No person on earth is a that is not the expectation. matter how you spin out of control. He is not savvy enough or simply does not care. For that reason...I think we have a ticking time bomb on our hands. And it's a shame. With this OL...and his ability...and running for 1800 yards his rookie season...the road is PAVED to Canton...and he simply does not get it!
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    Sorry I jumped to conclusions. I agree this team hasnt been able to handle success since the 90s. Even then there were issues, but they kept winning. Now days we cant even win in back to back seasons.
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    I get the notion out forth here, but I don't support pinning this all on Jerry Jones.

    These players are grown *** men, and they make their own decisions.
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    Lack of accountability will hurt any organization. Having an egomaniac as the gm and owner is about the dumbest idea I have ever witnessed in professional sports. Really bright people know their weaknesses. Jerry is not that bright, at least when it comes to playing GM.
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    You're right, we really don't know what goes on behind the scenes. I have no doubts, though, that the Cowboys set very clear expectations for their players and, within the boundaries of the CBA, have very well defined policies and practices. So, why then, are there persistent problems. I think it goes beyond drafting or signing troubled players. Just my opinion, but I think the organization is inconsistent in its application of policies.
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    These guys want to live the NY/LA lifestyle but don't realize that it's different in DFW vs. those cities. Yes, the DFW media overall is not on the level of the NY/LA media but for the Cowboys, I'd say the level is similar.

    However, Dallas isn't NY/LA in terms of the culture. If you want to have fun, fine, but you have to realize that this is Texas and not some place where the public is used to seeing celebrities everywhere. When you're in those other cities, you know everyone in the world is watching you so you tend to act accordingly.
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    How so?
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    And with Jerry...any pub is good pub.

    Funny thing about that though was when it was getting so out of hand in the late 90's and the reason why the FO decided on taking Greg instead of Randy. And from local papers Randy REALLY expected to be taken by the Cowboys. I think Jones told him it was a go but was out voted so to speak because of the image of the team, irvin, the white house, big e and so on.

    After a year or so of that, they went back to ...if they think the value is worth the risk so be it. They had nothing to lose because they lost so much after the 90's .
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    The culture seems to work fine for 95% of the Cowboys.

    It ain't the culture or the bright lights; it's the individual men who focus on their careers vs the few who focus on their free time, money, and opportunities to party.
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    If Dak rolled the way Zeke rolls Tony Romo would still be our QB.
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    To me it boils down the players are not afraid of the coaches..

    especially the HC.

    It was that way with Phillips..

    now with Garrett.

    Jerrah is not even feared.

    So with no fear and an inflated set of values..

    no discipline.

    Once the dust settles..

    hopefully DAK, Lee and Witten can gain control of the locker room.

    We need less Garrett and more on the field control of things.

    Not sure we have the character on this team to overcome the mistakes we have made in players we drafted who have let us down.
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    It is very strange as how one act deserved a cut while the other did not. Not adhering to dress code vs. intimidating woman w/car and semi-automatic = Jason Garrett is completely whacked.
  19. BAT

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    That's because Garrett never gets a fair shot and Jimmy was a failure.
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