Photo: Current view of Soldier Field

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by WoodysGirl, Dec 9, 2013.

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    Your wrong.

    It might be 13 degrees in both Arizona and 13 in Chicago..but the northern cold states have a ground that gets harder, like rock because of the amount of cold that permeates the soil. Think of the ice over a lake. It takes a few weeks of sub 32 temp to get a decent freeze where you may decide to test it. And another poster or two talked about Romo being used to the cold. Sure he will be fine but his blood is thinner living in Texas. The Bears players have more "cold time" and will not mind it as much. However we have Under Armor. I'm taking Dallas. I hope those Bears fans go home with frowns on their faces and cold ayzsess
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    Got to go to Soldier field a couple years ago while vacationing in Chicago. It's arguably the coolest stadium I've ever been too. But man, Winter in Chicago is not fun.. Not only is it freezing cold, the windchill is brutal. I couldn't feel my face.
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    You got that right. I've been all over the country and Chicago is the coldest place I've ever been. Never going back if I can help it.
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    I get cold looking at pictures of Chicago, and I've only been there in the summer. Soldier Field is a heck of a stadium, even if it doesn't hold many people. A stadium should be in the city, having all of our stuff in Arlington really detracts from Dallas' credibility as a big boy city IMO.
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    I have been to Chicago...I glad I'm not there tonight! Burrrrr......

    One team is going to be fat and happy by eating a lot of food to help them stay warm in the cold.

    The other team is going to be in football shape.

    Guess who is who? You will win a new car.
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    Yeah stadiums that have the skyline as a backdrop is very cool. I hate that the Cowboys play in Arlington. But we have Laura Miller to blame for that.
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    I live local and it's playoff football - always worth seeing that in person
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    you will be able to relate to the Chicago crowd tonight.

    Enjoy the game in your home heat on with a nice beverage. Go Cowboys

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