DaBoys Draft to Address ALL Needs

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by dantheman41, Apr 1, 2012.

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    This is my HOPEFUL draft that will feel all teams needs and create depth throughout roster. And of course competition, which is the name of the game for Jason Garrett.

    1st RD: Fletcher Cox DE - I've gone back and forth on this one. Part of me wants to trade down and pick up another second. But I feel like Cox is the best 3-4 end prospect in this draft. He could have the biggest impact on the pass rush. Partnering him up with Hatcher, and Ratliff. Then rotating Lissemore, Brent and Spears in to create a pretty solid rotation especially with Lissemore's development

    2nd RD(Trade down to pick up extra 3rd): Kelechi Osemele OG/T - Nobody has mentioned this guy in a while. I feel like he instantly could come in and start at one of the guard spots. He has the size Garrett loves, and the versatility. He instantly could also become the swing tackle if Free or Smith gets hurt. I like this guy a lot. Similar prospect to Cordy Glenn, but more value in 2nd

    3rd RD: Alfonso Dennard CB - He has slid down from first round to end of 2nd to early 3rd round now just because of bad senior bowl week. Scouts say he is a better corner then his old teammate Prince Amukamara. Very physical just like Rob Ryan likes. Creates more depth at position

    3rd RD(From Trade): Joe Adams WR - Do I need to say more? Best slot receiver outside of Kendall Wright in draft. Plus a dynamic return man which this team desperately needs. Don't think Jerry will let this guy out of his site coming from Arkansas

    4th RD: Jonathan Massaquoi OLB - Like him a lot. Produced in college and can compete with Victor Butler and even Spencer in training camp. Creates more depth, and another pass rusher

    4th RD: Philip Blake C - I don't know if he will slip this far down, but if he does will be well worth it. Had excellent college career. Not a huge drop in ability from Konz or Ben Jones. His age affects his slide

    5th RD: Michael Egnew TE - Not a dynamic tight end, but certainly a solid tight end who has the prototypical size Dallas likes in tight ends

    6th RD: Justin Bethel CB - Another corner who has explosive abilities that really showed up at his pro day. More speed!

    7th RD: Case Keenum - QB to compete with McGee. Expect few more to get brought in in training camp.

    Any comments?
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    but I don't take Dennard in the 3rd nor Keenum in the 7th. Replace them with best CB avail in 3rd and best TE avail in 7th (someone like Linthicum from Michigan State)

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