Dad Photoshopped Into Son's Wedding Pictures

Discussion in 'Off-topic Zone' started by WoodysGirl, Feb 1, 2012.

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    When Brian Shoop’s dad was unexpectedly unable to make it to his wedding because of a sudden illness, the groom’s sister got creative with photoshop to crack him up. Instead of inserting a picture of the father of the groom in a suit or tux to jive with the professional photos from the big day, she added humorous pictures of their dad through the years, doing chores around the house, lounging in a blow up pool, sporting a sombrero, and more.
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    See the rest of the pics:
  2. Dallas

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    Very funny and creative. I am certain the father loved and appreciated the gesture.

    Its the little things folks
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    That's cool...and on the last picture of the bride on this post? Damn, that girl has some serious teeth!

    I hope he's careful about some things...

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    Yeah I saw that on Reddit when it was originally posted. Still hilarious every time you look at it. Although at first they weren't clear why he missed, so I thought it was a backhanded gesture for a bit.
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    Eww..the bride has a horrid gum/tooth ratio.
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    I love it.

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