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    Transcript of Dale Hansen’s Opening Monologue from his show on the Ticket:

    <I left out the non-Cowboy banter>

    I watched the football game Saturday night as all good-time sportscasters do. But before we get into the real good stuff – and that is - why don’t they start Tony Romo? I just said, ‘AHH’….as soon as he came out and completed that first pass I went, ‘AHHHH’. I’m gonna get emails all week saying , ‘I’ve always said Romo was the guy! Romo’s a gunslinger. Bledsoe looked bad!’

    I am so fed up with coaches who constantly say we’re playing to win - and every coach in the NFL does this. If that’s the case, why do they always have these truck drivers out there in fourth quarter?

    Nothing that happened in Arizona matters!

    Two years ago they were shut out in Arizona and they went 10-6.

    I’m just amazed that anybody thinks that anything that happened in Arizona matters?

    ..second and third string guys!

    If Parcells is so nervous that he won’t allow our TV cameras to shoot practice when their scrimmaging in California because he doesn’t want the other team to learn anything. What do you think he’s really gonna do when he’s going to play the Arizona Cardinals in the regular season this year when it matters. They’re not gonna show anything! They’re not gonna do anything!

    Now, having said all that I thought Bledsoe looked average at best. Tony Romo looked a little bit better than average at best and that’s just about it. I thought Flozell Adams looked really bad at LT which I think you can start to make individual comparisons and you can start looking at individual match-ups and be somewhat concerned. But not much. Not much. It really doesn’t matter.

    I’ve said this every year and I just can’t get away from it - It’s the biggest rip off in sports – NFL preseason games.

    I find it just incredibly funny that Parcells is so paranoid - as he says - about any other teams learning something from practice so they’re gonna go out and play them in a game in a month or two – Oh Please!! – come on.

    I’ve been somewhat criticized for this - I’m not bashing on Drew Bledsoe. I’m really not. But I don't understand why so many people are so excited about the signing of Drew Bledsoe. This is what I find bothersome from Bill Parcells - What happened to ‘You are what you are?’ Drew Bledsoe has been a so-so quarterback for several years. He gets sacked a 150 times. He holds onto the ball too long. He makes mistakes. I mean he’s got a nice arm. He whips it around the field pretty good.

    But as Parcells has said, ‘I’ll coach that. I’ll coach him up?’

    What do you mean you’re gonna coach him up? What happened to ‘You are what you are?’

    I mean Bledsoe’s been a certain style of quarterback for many years in the NFL. Is he really going to change? Is he really going to change what we’ve seen from him?

    Now, as I’ve told everybody that asked – and that seems to be the hot question of the month – Yeah, I think he’s better that Vinny Testaverde. I’m not sure how much better. I don’t know how much of a benefit there can be there. I think we saw a little bit of what I think is going to be a problem there - is that this football team can’t move very fast anywhere they go. Can they throw the ball to Jason Witten for some nice first downs? Yeah. Can they throw the ball to Keyshawn Johnson for some occasional first downs? Maybe? Terry Glenn? If he stays healthy. Julius Jones when he carries it a few more times? Maybe.

    But I think this offense is gonna kind of be moving along in slow bits and pieces and that usually means trouble.
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    Wow. I can't believe Dale is preaching moderation. Not his style.
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    I'd like to get Hansen's explaination of Vinny's 1998 season.
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    "You are what you are".........We are picking up QB's that Bill said he wouldn't....QB's that will only get you to 8-8.....Vinny...and now Bledsoe.

    I rather finish 2-14.....with a young kid then 8-8 and no chance at winning a SB.....It looks like Bill is gunning for a .500 record with the Boys before he leaves....oh long as we can have some young talent here for our next head coach.
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    Well mash, if you would rather finish 2-14 with a young guy, go follow the skins, I hear Brunnell is benched. That makes everyone the young guy their, cause hes old. Bledsoe will be ok. The Cowboys will be ok with Bledsoe. What you saw from bledsoe is not what you will get in the regular season. Just chill on the Bledsoe sucks thread till the 3rd and 4th pre-season game. What will be funny is watching all these pple that claim we suck and Bledsoe sucks, sing his praises when he leads us to the playoffs.

    Mark it down, Bledsoes gunna be ok, we will be ok with Bledsoe. Give em time, I am sure the first time you played with strangers, you sucked too, but that 3rd and 4th and 5th time you played with the new guys, you got better. Same thin here applies. And from what I saw, if you bench Bledsoe, niether young guy was totally ready for the starter job, we would suck with Henson in there, I am becoming sold on Romo, but not there yet. Bledsoes the best we have and he gives us the best chance to win. REALLY.
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    Vinny was younger?

    What people just don't get is that Vinny was not bad at all early in the season. He was incredibly sharp at times. But he threw interceptions late in games when his arm wore down.

    Bledsoe can sling it around good--once he decides where to heave it after nursing the ball. Stronger arm, fewer interceptions. More absorbed sacks and fumbles.

    It is a trade off. Not a quantum leap in quality that some people think.
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    I am not saying Bledsoe will be the next Aikman, but I know for a fact hes far better then what we saw last year. FAR BETTER. He may be better then Henson at this point, I cant say so in the future, but I am beginning to have my doubts about this Henson cat. Romo may be4 a better long term solution if we cant get a franchise QB somehow. But what I can say for sure is that Bledsoe will not hurt us the way Vinny did.
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    And think about this, has it crossed anyone's mind that Testeverde simply ran out of gas last year because he threw the ball so much and had no running game?

    Will Bledsoe be better than what we saw at the end of the year? Of course.

    But there are people who still think Coach Parcells will make a miracle and that a determined and gritty Bledsoe will have a career revival and lead this Cowboy team to glory.

    Not likely. Good players tend to have renaissances after being written off once in their careers. Bledsoe already had his "comeback" year and that happened in 2002.

    Right. He will hurt us in different ways unless we try to protect ourselves. He won't get the interceptions, he never has. But he will take sacks and fumble often if we don't tailor our offense around the run just like the Bills did. Coach Parcells has a stubborn streak and once he gets something set in his mind, he does not change. If he has it in his mind that he can play a passing-style offense with him than I really wonder.
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    I'm with ya.

    Mr Bill has said, "I'm not interested in being consistent, I'm interested in being right"

    With regard to QB's, he's done the opposite.

    The other thing that bugs me is the statement that no matter who you are and what you've done in the past, at some point you have to prove you can still get it done...uh, unless your name is "Testaverde, Bledsoe, D Ward...etc"

    I've always felt that while Antonio Bryant was certainly a head case, the REASON for why he went ballistic was he chose to express it on the other hand, wasn't.

    My other concern, since I'm tossing out "Parcell-isms" is his comment that he's "too old to lose". We KNOW that Jerry is impatient and has always been a win-now kinda a fault (see two number ones for Galloway)...

    Last year, it seemed that both fell into the, win-now at the expense of the future, trap.

    I have a bit more confidence this year, with the influx of rookies, that the team also has an eye on the future. But the QB position, if manned by a few of those guys that the team let get away because they were 8-8 QBs, would be better today.
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    Argumentative as ever. People take one comment from Bill Parcells made almost three years ago and use it to paint everything remotely connected to Bill Parcells. I mean sheesh!

    Maurice Carthon calls BP in the offseason and says "Why can't I be the Offensive Coordinator? What exactly is the OC in charge of running game??"
    Parcells: "You are what you are, Carthon."

    Drew Bledsoe calls BP in the offseason and says "How about the Superbowl?"
    Parcells: "You are what you are, Drew."

    Terry Glenn calls BP from the training room "I'll be ready, coach!"
    Parcells: "You are what you are, Terry."

    Jerry Jones calls BP in the morning and says "How about breakfast?"
    Parcells: "You are what you are, Jerry."
    Jerry Jones: "I thought that was 'You are what you eat?'"
    Parcells: "You are what you are, damn it!!"

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